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Nov 29, 2006 05:29 PM

Fresh red corn & food neophobia

First of all, those of you who complain about corn being too sweet these days might try fresh red corn which is not sweet.

I can't really give a good description of this because I bought it in a produce market, it had half of the husk removed to display the color. So I'm sure the flavor is different fresh from the field.

Has anyone tried this?

It seems to be relatively new.

My corn wasn't as dark red as the corn in the above link but more white with touches of red like the corn in the lower right of this picture just above the word apples.

This didn't have a intense corn flavor. It seems like it would be best as a color accent for a salsa, like in this picture.

I microwaved the corn and the color didn't change at all.

For people in my area, it is being sold at the Berkeley Bowl.

As too food neophobia, it was a new-to-me term I learned in this article about testing different varieties of corn ... including red corn.

It means fear of new food and seems to be genetic. So that non-Chowhound might just be a food neophobiac.

Surprisingly to me, that study by the Maine Agricultural Center at the University of Maine turned up the fact that sweet white corn is not all that popular.

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  1. Neophobia, huh? I like the term. Perhaps I can get my extended family members treated?

    On the red corn issue, I will be looking for it next year, since MN in a corn-growing state. Thanks for the tip on the not-so-sweet stuff.(Yeah, I'm one of those...)