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Nov 29, 2006 05:16 PM

Why are people so obsessed with A.O.C. on Bleecker and Grove? Are Westville salads good?

I live nearby and have been here twice; once for lunch and the next time for brunch. The food is underwhelimg, the service spotty, and the temperature of my runny quiche was cold when it came to me (they replaced and remade it, to their credit). But it's always so crowded. I REALLY want to like this place; I like the ambiance. But the food is so mediocre; yet I hear people talking about it all the time.

In the neighborhood, I definitely want to try Da'Andrea and August soon. I'm going to Westville for dinner this weekend; are their salads good?

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  1. I've been to AOC four or five times. Each time the service was congenial, once or twice it was even superb, although once they had run out of bread during the dinner service. Each time my food was good to great. But .... at least a couple of people at the table when we went with a large party were disatisfied, can't remember with what though. My conclusion is that they do some things better than others & that the service must be spotty dependant on time of day & who's on staff. For the price I like them, would go back. And that garden can be really really lovely.

    1. I also wanted to like the place, and went several times, but as you say, the food was mediocre, service spotty, and the music, for my taste, occasionally way too loud.

      1. Actually they were blasting Michael Jackson now that I think about it.

        1. I went there last year for a friends birthday. We all shared orders of the roast suckling pig for 2. It was delicious, and the service was great.

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            I think you're talking about AOC Bedford--different place.

            1. re: Lucia

              that place is like a tourist joint, the bleecker one that is.

              you will like WESTVILLE and DA ANDREA. you can't go wrong.

          2. Westville serves perfect veggies, whether in a salad or as "market sides." I heart Westville.