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Nov 29, 2006 05:16 PM

Coast Cafe- Cambridge- Now I understand!

I have lived near Coast Cafe for a while now and despite hearing great things about it didn't try it til last night. What have I been doing all these years? OH MY, that was the best fried chicken I have EVER had. Mac and cheese on the side was good but not spectacular, but candied yams were fantastic. I will be going back!

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  1. I was so close to going there last night myself, but I have a few questions!
    Is it crispy? what else is good on the side? Is it just sitting there waiting for someone to order it or is it fried at request?

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    1. re: Snowflake

      It is SUPER crispy and they make it to order (on their take out menu it even specifies this so that you know there will be a 10-15 minute wait for it!)
      Unfortunately I don't know what else is good on the side besides the candied yams, but they were amazing!

      1. re: Snowflake

        It's uber-crispy, to the point of being mildly burnt (you can tell it touches the pan... not cooked in a fryolator).

        Candied yams taste like they're cooked in pure syrup. I'd say they're barely edible. Green beans are mushy and watery like from a can. Collards are similar but have nice bits of meat in them... I'd go with that.

        I highly recommend the smothered pork chops.

      2. Is there anywhere to sit and enjoy your fried chicken at the coast cafe? I get the impression it's strictly a takeout place, but I don't live around there and I'm sure it would taste much better just-cooked.

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        1. re: twentyoystahs

          IIRC, there are a couple of stools. It is very cramped, in my experience, as I have never been there without there being at least 4 other people/parties eating or waiting.

          Fried chicken does suffer for waiting, but, heck, this weekend we feasted on my husband's favorite-which had been driven up from Long Island the evening before. We brought it to room temperature, then pooped it in hot oil in a skillet for a couple of minutes. It was good enough that I've been tempted to see if someone could ship us some for XMas dinner.

          1. re: twentyoystahs

            I've eaten there at lunchtime. It's just a counter with a couple of stools but I guess we're lucky since we've been the only customers there each time.

            I am completely in love with their banana pudding (sort of grainy and very homemade-tasting and a steal pricewise), and generally like all their sweet stuff. Agreed that their yams are super-sweet, but I find them a nice counterpoint to the bitter collards. I'd second the pork chop rec...not crazy about their fried chicken, though.

          2. I usually get the collards (good, not great) and the black eyed peas (excellent!)
            Not sure what seasoning they use on the black eyeds, but they are addictive.

            1. You might want to try their fried haddock as well. It's the best fried fish I've ever had.