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Nov 29, 2006 05:11 PM

Southern adventurers head to the city this weekend-need advice

Group of 4 headed to the city for a friends 30th birthday. We are staying in the Upper West Side, but can travel. Need to keep our events and meals grouped together by location to make the most of our short trip. We've all been to NY before, but it's been a while and now that we are very sophisticated adults (just kidding) we want to do it right! We like all kinds of cuisine and aren't afraid of an expensive meal, but we want to be responsible and savy and make our $$ go far. I would appreciate suggestions for our meals. This is what we're thinking:

*Check in at hotel-need a quick, light lunch spot UWS
*We may check out the Museum of Natural History
*5:30 rez at Lupa
*8:00 show

Friday (forcast calls for rain-yikes-what to do all day?):
*Pastry and Coffee near hotel?
*Head to the Financial District for WTC museum workshop
*Prix Fixe lunch somewhere like Gotham Bar & Grill or other?
*Light dinner before a show

*no real plans...thought about doing the self guided LES Food Excursion I found on chowhound
*We have rez for 6 (meeting another couple) at Ocean Grill and Sushi Samba. We want dinner to be the main event this night. Which place, or should we keep shopping?

*Need Brunch spot-preferably not too far from UWS

Any other spots we need to hit? Suggestions appreciated. Thanks, yall!

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  1. For your lunch, there are a lot of good options. I've enjoyed Bouley and Fleur de Sel in the past and been less thrilled w/Town. Jean Georges is high on my list as I've heard wonderful things. I'm planning on having my next prix fixe lunch at Perry Street, JG's sister restaurant, based on some recent good reviews on this board and others.

    1. I have seen some great reviews on Jean Georges, and the lunch sounds like a steal. Will try to get there. Thanks!

      1. some uws ideas...

        Thursday's quick lunch:
        Hampton Chutney Co. 82nd/amsterdam
        Patsy's Pizza - 74th/Columbus
        Hummus Place - 74th-75th/amsterdam
        Fairway Cafe - 74th/broadway (above supermarket)
        Columbus Bakery - 82nd/columbus

        Sunday Brunch - here are the "hotspots" - expect crowds
        Sarabeths - 81st/amsterdam
        Good Enough to Eat - 84th/amsterdam
        EJ's - 82nd/Amsterdam
        Isabellas - 77th/columbus

        1. Re: LES Food Excursion. It's probably the one I put together, which has become rather (in)famous. Saturday is not the best day to do it since a few of the places are closed because of religious observance. You might want to consider making it your Sunday "brunch." That's what I did the last time I took the tour again. Nothing like starting the day with a pastrami sandwich at Katz's. lol

          1. I would strongly recommend RGR's LES tour - gets a lot of NY essentials in.

            My favorite spot for brunch in the area is Sarabeth's (though it gets some mixed reviews here); I've always found it to be consistently good food and service. The lines on Sundays are especially long though, so either go early (before 11) or later (around 1:30). During peak times Barney Greengrass is another good alternative in the neighborhood.

            I haven't heard much about Ocean Grill, but I would avoid Sushi Samba - it falls into the category of trendy spots with overpriced, overrated food...

            For the pastry/coffee on Friday, I'd recommend Financier Patisserie - not close to your hotel, but actually right in the financial district.

            Happy chowing, happy birthday, and enjoy your stay!