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Nov 29, 2006 04:16 PM

Late Night Dining in Westchester

Does anyone know of any good places in Westchester (about 15 mile radius from White Plains) that is open until midnight or later. Even better yet would be a 24 spot.

There used to be this place in White plains at the base of an office building near the train station called Sassinoro that was great. An Italian guy who ran the place by himself and served foccacia, arancini, and some lother small dishes along with Bindi desserts, good coffee and hot chocolates as well as gelato. They seemed to be open at least till 12 every night.

Not counting bad diners, currently I know of candlelight, which is pretty great when I am in the mood for wings. When does the Bayou's kitchen close? Anyone have any recomendations for food after 10? thanks.

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  1. Maybe you know this already, but city limits in WP is actually open pretty late, especially on Fri and Sat (till midnight-- other nights till 11). It quiets down after the dinner rush and they serve their regular menu (as far as I know) all night-- including great late night munchies like wings and quesadillas.

      1. Cafe Mirage in Port Chester is open until midnight. They have a really fun, interesting menu. Here's the website:

        1. if you don't mind the divey atmosphere and usually drunk patrons late at night, pat's in port chester for texas chili

          1. The original comment has been removed