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Nov 29, 2006 04:01 PM

In search of a great place for Goose

Looking forward to our annual trek from Boston to LA at end of December and want to treat old friends who, like us, are goose fanciers to dinner. Will appreciate hearing about Chowhound favorites.

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  1. THE RITZ in FASHION ISLAND, Newport Beach.
    Went for lunch last Mon , fantastic! Just like Scandia.

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    1. re: russkar

      Russ-Were you at the Ritz Brothers Christmas lunch on the 27th or did you order from the menu?

      1. re: Philly

        I'm a Ritz Bros and yes it was the annual lunch last Mon. But Goose should be available all of Dec, call first.

    2. Santa Barbara may be too far out for you, but the recent Downey's newsletter notes:

      "Looking to the near future, we hope to have our traditional Christmas Goose available by early or mid-December. John has a local source for fresh free-range geese that are incredibly flavorful."

      Downey's is a warm, friendly place with outstanding food that I highly recommend.

      1. I live in San Pedro, and both Newport Beach and Santa Barbara are a bit far to travel for dinner. Are there any places that serve a competently cooked goose in the South Bay or Long Beach?

        I've never been to Alpine Village, but it seems that Germans are the best at goose. Is this worth a try?

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        1. re: Tony Miller

          I've never known anyone personally or read anybody on Chowhound who had anything positive to say about eating at the Alpine Village. It's only good for drinking beer, shopping at their market, and maybe the ambiance. So I would say DON'T eat there and goose isn't on their reg. menu. A special?

          You can buy a BBQ rotisseried Goose with 24 hours notice at Slavko's Deli in San Pedro. I have never been there but my guess would be that is neighborhood deli and not a fine dining destination. The goose maybe for taking home only?

          You might try calling the Old World in Huntington Beach to see if they have it as a holiday special (a little closer than Newport Beach, but as good as at the Ritz suggestion above - probably not).

          Not German, but the English are well know for serving game meats and you could call the Whale & Ale in San Pedro and see if they're serving any special X-mas birds...