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Peking Duck in Virgina, NOT the usual suspects

Hi! I'm looking for a new place for peking duck after being burned once too often. Mark's Duck House had the most legendarily poor service and I am truly not a fan of Peking Duck House (too many military outfits on the walls). Can anyone offer a suggestion for some place with good Chinese food, peking duck, and hopefully some big soups?

Please help me out on this!

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  1. In general, I like the food at Peking Duck in So. Alexandria, http://www.pekingduck.com (and you gotta admire their "pluck" for locking up that domain name). I haven't had the Peking Duck -- not a fan of that dish -- but my mother said it was quite good.

    1. Search for Peking Gourmet in Falls Church, it has been recommended many times on this board. I've been there once and I liked it a lot.

      1. Ok, I think I'm official confused. Is Peking Gourmet the one that the Bush family frequents? If so, I've been there and was a little creeped out by the entire Pentagon staring down on me.

        1. I've had it at Oriental Gourmet in Arlington as well as Oriental Regency in Tyson's. They all taste about the same to me, so maybe I'm not the one to ask, but they both seemed fine and about the same as the places that have already been mentioned.

          1. We are fans of Peking Duck and like it at Peking Gourmet. Only problem is that they give you mini-pancakes with holes so it is hard to make the wraps. Yes, that is the one with all the pics of the Bush family.
            The duck at Oriental Regency in Tysons is fine.
            We are not fans of most of the food of the Oriental Gourmet in Arlington. Their pancakes don't taste fresh, in fact they are cool and taste more like flattened bread.
            Not a fan of Mark's Duck House. Service was poor, it had no ambience, and there was lots of grease/fat on the food.

            1. Peking Gourmet is non-partisan Chinese.
              Bill and HIllary Clinton eat there too and have visited recently with the whole Secret Service detail.
              The Lake Barcroft neighborhood celebration for Senator-elect James Webb was held there recently as well.
              So don't get all sniffy about who does or doesn't eat there. The food is good. No, it's not like eating in Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai, but we've had enjoyable meals over a couple of decades.

              1. Anyone been to Duck Chang's (Annandale) lately? It used to be on my route but it's been 3-4 years since I was there last. Duck was good then. Might be worth a try now.

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                  We also used to go to Duck Changs and had great duck there, but also haven't been there in years. Waiting to hear any recent experiences anyone has had there.

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                    We also used to go to Duck Changs and had great duck there, but also haven't been there in years. Waiting to hear any recent experiences anyone has had there.

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                      We also used to go to Duck Changs and had great duck there, but also haven't been there in years. Waiting to hear any recent experiences anyone has had there.

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                        Duck Chang is Duck Chang. Exactly the same as it was when we found it over twenty years ago (maybe longer?). It's still got very good food, an easy location, and the Peking Duck just goes on and on. A real neighborhood treat.

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                          Thanks for the refresher. I ate at Duck Chang's fairly often when they were new, upwards of 30 years ago. I ate dinner out several nights of the week back then and always enjoyed Duck's. These days I mostly eat lunches out and dinners at home so I haven't been there for a while

                          I assume it's still in the same family. I don't know how far down the chain they were, but apparently "Duck" Chang is from the family that invented the Peking duck cooking and serving technique. And that was before the Internet, so it MUST be true. <g>

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                            Sadly, the original Duck Change passed away this past year but his son Peter is still running the restaurant. I've seen Peter on some local chef TV shows when I was channel surfing.

                    2. Let me clue you - there's a buffet called "green olive" on Rte 1 south of Beacon Hill Mall - nice duck in the evening, the puffy pancakes, and that sauce that looks like hoisin ... is really A-1 Steak Sauce. Why did they do this to me - what did I ever do to them?

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                        Is this place for real? I never heard of it, but it's not real far from us. Definitely looks like a place to check out, but it also strikes me as sort of strange. It's like it hasn't made up its mind as to what sort of restaurant it might be. This definitely needs to be explored.

                        I'd be curious to know what you thought of it. And are you serious about the A-1, because that's truly scary.


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                          I had to check out their web-site. Interesting combination of food. Where else can you get peking duck, chicken cordon bleu, manicotti and fried frog legs in one buffet?


                          We have over 200 different food items in our huge buffet, including:

                          Hot Food, Roasted Chicken, Fresh Salmon, Steamed Fish, Steamed Shrimp, Shrimp Noodle Soup, Half-shell Oysters, Malaysia Satay, Thai Style Chicken, Peking Duck, Prime Rib, Steamed Clams, Clams Casino, Broiled Halibut, Stuffed Flounder, Steamed Mussels, Stuffed Shrimp, Fried Flounder, Stuffed Mushrooms, Stuffed Clams, Chilled Shrimp, Broiled Salmon, Cream of Crab Soup, Boston Clam Chowder, Manicotti, Shad Row (when in season), Grilled Steak, Cajun Chicken, Crawfish, Fried Frog Legs, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Chicken Floundings, BBQ Ribs, Salads, Desserts and more!

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                          Why would they serve 'fluffy' pancakes? The Beijing Duck is not supposed to be served with fluffy pancakes, but with thin, flat ones. A-1 Steak Sauce is another bad sign.

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                            I've seen some banquet hall type places serve a fluffy flour pancake, almost clamshell like that you fold over the duck meat. I think these are premade for Chinese restaurants. I've seen these around here and in SoCal.

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                              The type of pancake or bun you are talking about is served with the smoked duck at China Canteen in Rockville - which I have personally seen James G devour with glee. (The duck, that is, not Rockville). It is the only dish that would encourage me return there, but it is impressive.

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                                Ah yes, those things. They have their place, but around Beijing duck is not one of them...

                        3. To be quite frank, I like Green Olive (yes I was serious about the A-1, I just have to overlook that sin.)

                          With the usual strong caveats about buffets, they do have some miserable failures, and some very good things.

                          Among the disasters: well, you NEVER choose the pizza at a Chinese buffet.

                          Among the highlights: fairly adequate sushi, several "what's that unusual Asian cold vegetable?" trays in the salad section, shrimp (and generous amounts of it) everywhere (I really like the tiny cold salad shrimp in hot pepper), stuffed crab shells, and American dishes a step above the usual Chi-buffet stuff (ribs of course, and a nice fairly meaty lobster bisque [probably from concentrate but what the heck it tastes good])

                          Not a 'hound experience, but well worth the price and sometimes worth going a bit out of your way for.

                          1. I am SO there. Seriously. Why would anyone not check this out? At the very worst, it strikes me as a buffet that might have appeared in any Mel Brooks movie. And, there's got to be at least one really good item there. I mean, a couple of bites of prime rib could work. Or some satay that leaves you saying "Where did THAT come from?"

                            Stuffed mushrooms. Clams casino. Salad. I see choices. I see opportunity. I see a food adventure.

                            It's worth the trip from where we are - maybe a half hour drive in mid-day traffic - and who knows what we'll find?

                            Thanks for the tip.

                            1. Lunch is OK, dinner is better.

                              1. Hi. I am new to this board. After reading this thread, I was inspired to take my husband out for Peking Duck last night as a surprise. Based upon the recommendations, I decided to take him to Duck Chang's. It satisfied our tummies. We appreciated the kind service and we also really liked the thin homemade pancakes.

                                My father was a chef and was trained by a chef from Beijing. Nothing compares to my father's Peking Duck... but when cravings for it comes, we have visited Peking Gourmet Inn because of it's convenient location to us. We found the place a bit pricey, but enjoyed the duck being sliced up at the table and we also enjoy the salt and pepper shrimp there.

                                Anyway, I'm so excited to have found this board and share with everyone my favorite thing to do! Eating!

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                                  Welcome! And what a wonderful post you wrote. Peking Duck is not a favorite of mine, but I eat my fair share because my children go for it. Of course, all places carve at the table, and Peking Gourmet is the priciest around.

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                                    EXCELLENT!!! I'm so glad you liked Duck Chang's. I love it, and am always thrilled when it meets the (trembling) expectations of others. Enjoy! Prosper! Thrive!

                                    Eat more duck...........

                                  2. Oriental Regency in Tyson's is fantastic. Great service and you rarely have to wait. I would order the duck immediatly upon arrival though, since it take a while to wait. Never, and I repeat, never ever go to Marks Duck House. The service is truely horrible and my best way to describe the staff is belligerent and rude. The last time I was there, they explained to me that there was a water main break leading to the restaurant and there were no plates, but magically there was still food coming out of the kitchen and tea/drinks being served. Needless to say, I high tailed it outta there...

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                                      Oriental Regency used to be on our regular Sunday night dinner circuit but there were some major changes there a year and a half or so ago (new ownership?) and the next couple of meals (months) after that weren't very good, the service was poor, and it wasn't very clean. We stopped going. Maybe we should try it again?

                                    2. I must vocalize some support for Mark's Duck House. We have been going at least once a month for the last six months. The support has always been wonderful - cheerful, attentive and pleasant. In addition, the Peking Duck is some of the best I have had in the area.