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Nov 29, 2006 04:00 PM

Peking Duck in Virgina, NOT the usual suspects

Hi! I'm looking for a new place for peking duck after being burned once too often. Mark's Duck House had the most legendarily poor service and I am truly not a fan of Peking Duck House (too many military outfits on the walls). Can anyone offer a suggestion for some place with good Chinese food, peking duck, and hopefully some big soups?

Please help me out on this!

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  1. In general, I like the food at Peking Duck in So. Alexandria, (and you gotta admire their "pluck" for locking up that domain name). I haven't had the Peking Duck -- not a fan of that dish -- but my mother said it was quite good.

    1. Search for Peking Gourmet in Falls Church, it has been recommended many times on this board. I've been there once and I liked it a lot.

      1. Ok, I think I'm official confused. Is Peking Gourmet the one that the Bush family frequents? If so, I've been there and was a little creeped out by the entire Pentagon staring down on me.

        1. I've had it at Oriental Gourmet in Arlington as well as Oriental Regency in Tyson's. They all taste about the same to me, so maybe I'm not the one to ask, but they both seemed fine and about the same as the places that have already been mentioned.

          1. We are fans of Peking Duck and like it at Peking Gourmet. Only problem is that they give you mini-pancakes with holes so it is hard to make the wraps. Yes, that is the one with all the pics of the Bush family.
            The duck at Oriental Regency in Tysons is fine.
            We are not fans of most of the food of the Oriental Gourmet in Arlington. Their pancakes don't taste fresh, in fact they are cool and taste more like flattened bread.
            Not a fan of Mark's Duck House. Service was poor, it had no ambience, and there was lots of grease/fat on the food.