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Positive Pemberton Farm experience

Got stuck without some ingredients on Thanksgiving. All the grocery stores closed. On a whim thought of Pemberton Farm on Mass ave. They were a life-saver. Had everything my wife needed to complete the dinner. Expensive but high quality stuff. I can't complaing too much about the prices because they came through. Their assortment of chocolates (among many other items) is great. Similar to Cardullo's in Harvard Sq. but a lot easier to park. I'll be hitting this place much more often now.

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  1. I love the place. I have several friends in that neighborhood so I get there every now and then. They do have good products there. It is indeed pricey, though. They also have a decent selection of plants for sale, as well as items for the home, etc.

    1. I'm also a great Pemberton fan since it's just a couple of blocks away from home. I've never had any problem with prepared foods, but I have had cream go bad despite the fact that the sell date was far in the future.

      1. I go there a lot too--so easy to zip in and out--and agree that you have to be careful. I like what they're trying to do but maybe they just can't sell enough fast enough. Have not had any problems with milk, cottage cheese, etc. though.

        1. I used to go to Pemberton more when they had less items and I think the produce is considerably less good than before -- they seemed to have better focus before expanding the selection. Its still convenient from time to time, so I buy things there. Whenever they have the mini pecan rolls from buns of boston, I snap those up.

          As a side note I went to a non-thanksgiving turkey dinner with the turkey and sides provided by them. They were either pretty brave or didn't take a temp, because the bird got a further couple of hours at 350 and the thighs weren't quite running clear (they told the host to keep it at 140). Breast a bit stringy, but not dry. Nice caramel color, decent gravy, mashed, and very_sweet yams. The green veggies were a weird potpourri of stuff which I politely nibbled. Decent, but I preferred our home meal.

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            Funny, I think their produce has improved. It was pretty bad for a while. Of course I can't remember when that was.

          2. I havent had a bad sandwich there...so tasty and fresh!

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              Totally agree. And even their pre-made sandwiches are fresh and often inventive. It's over a mile away and I often walk there to pick up lunch.

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                I really like their fresh sandwiches too - and for the price, it's a actually a good deal.

                Their deli case has some interesting pre-made food, but their fish, produce and dairy departments are very overpriced.

            2. One thing that I find strange (though very pleasant) about Pemberton's is that their selection of Newman's products is usually $1 less than buying them at Shaw's or Stop and Shop ($2.20 for Fig Newmans vs. $3-4).

              They could definitely use an expansion (and price reduction) in their meat and fish selections.

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                I've never chanced their fish. Anybody? It would be convenient but I'm dubious.