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Nov 29, 2006 03:39 PM

Using E.V. Olive Oil - Do You Have Ideas/Recipes?

A year & a half ago I went a little crazy and bought several bottles of a great organic extra virgin olive oil. I have one bottle left and I noticed it 'expired' last month. It still smells & tastes good, but I'm thinking I should use it up as much as I can before year's end or so.
Any great ideas? (I know there's an olive oil cake out there etc.) Do you have any favorite recipes that call for plenty of e.v. olive oil? Fortunately entertaining season is coming up.
All ideas, and recipes, are welcome and much appreciated!

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  1. If you're up for gelato, there's a wonderful olive oil gelato recipe:

    As you'll see in the link, the original is in the Babbo cookbook. The gelato has a rich smoothness from the olive oil and you can definitely taste the olives.

    1. You might like to make some flavored oils, Store them in the fridge.

      I always keep three kinds of EVOO on hand. One is the inexpensive kind for cooking,COLAVITA EVOO made from Italian olives in Italy.($11.99 per liter). A fruity, rich Italian EVOO for salads. A more expensive, thick, unctious, fruity,over the top Tuscan EVOO for drizzling.

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        For flavored oils, do you chop up some herbs (fresh/dried?) and let them sit in the oil for a few days? Do you have a fav. herb or combination of herbs that you use? I like to have several kind of evoo on hand as well; this time I'm trying to use up the good stuff! Thanks!
        cheryl, thanks for the gelato recipe, it does sound delicious, but no ice cream maker. :(

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          For the flavored oils, I make a chili oil with small dry chilis, heating them in the oil on a low flame until hot. Then cool and store in a bottle with a pouring spout. I keep the chilis in the oil for color. Use it on pasta, great on pizza after it comes out of the oven. The herb oils are best made with fresh herbs. I use the COLAVITA EVOO for the flavored oils. Heating the very good ones makes no sense, they are best uncooked.

          Michael Chiarello has a great book on Flavored Oils.

      2. lucky for you hannukah is coming up and traditionally food is supposed to made with oil, you can try the two classice, latkes-or fried potatoe pancakes, or sufganiyot-or jelly doughnuts

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          Ahhh, but olive oil's smoking point is too low for heavy duty frying like that.

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            even though I don't celebrate hannukah, we did fry some potato-carrot pancakes this weekend in olive oil, they were excellent.

          2. Make some infused oils!!! Scallion and garlic are my favorites. Basically what you do is roughly bash or slice your scallion/garlic/peppercorns and put them in the biggest stainless pan you've got. Cover with oil, and then set over the lowest possible flame for about an hour, uncovered. It is especially important with EV olive oil that it not be heated too harshly, or you'll lose all of the olive flavor. The leftover garlic and scallions won't be burnt and can be used in a variety of dishes. Scallions used to make infused oils are ESPECIALLY fantastic in stocks.

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            1. re: cpanagakis

              Sounds great! Will make some. How do you use the resulting oil(for salad dressing?) hmm leftover scallions....

              1. re: morebubbles

                You can't use it in high-heat applications anymore as all of those extra organic oils and sediments burn fairly easily. Infused oils are really nice as a garnish flavor with soups and meats, fantastic on steamed and roasted veg. So long as you've used good oil to start with (olive and peanut are my two favorites), it the infused oil can also be used as a dip for bread, etc.

              2. re: cpanagakis

                Just remember that infused oils carry a danger of BOTULISM if you use fresh ingredients. If you infuse with anything fresh, make sure you keep the oil refrigerated and use within 2 weeks or throw out.

              3. How about an olive oil cake? I have yet to make one but have enjoyed many!

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                  I've thought of this, but can't decide on whether a stronger-tasting olive oil would be good for a cake or if it should only be made with a mild tasting one. The one I have is flavorful.
                  (By the way, do you have a recipe in mind?..)