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New Pressed Sandwiches Location Downtown X-ing

Just noticed it this morning on Bedford Street near Downtown Crossing. Not sure when it will be open.


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  1. They have a place on Oliver Street in the Financial District and I have tried them. They were Ok but for the money they were nothing spectacular. They seemed to lack some pizzaz or something. I still think Als is the best deal in this neck of the woods for 4.50 for a small that could feed 2!

    1. I was also underwhelmed by my 1 visit to Pressed sandwiches on Oliver. They're also in the Seaport district.

      Ms 9 had a great sub from Al's yesterday.

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        I work in the area....are you talking Al's as in Al Capone's?

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          Probably it's Al's State Street Cafe

      2. This is the same place that was in Cambridge's Central Square in the space that was a rotisserie chicken joint. For whatever reason, they did not make it over there.

        Last I heard, a pressed sandwich place based in the Charlestown Navy Yard (I think it's called Hot Off The Press) was planning on taking over the Central Square space.

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        1. To risk sounding like a curmudgeon... this looks like another fru-fru sandwich place that will feel justified adding an extra 2 bucks per sandwich because it's "pressed!" That's fine for an occasional visit, but for an office lunch staple I'd be happier with a decent sub shop. Sometimes less is more.

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            This place has had it's supporters and detractors since it first opened..(Like most places


            I think better options are Troquet at lunch with their soup, salad sandwich menu..or Volle Nolle in the NE

          2. I really wanted to like this place. I wanted the turkey sandwich with swiss rather than brie. They assemble the sandwiches in advance so this was a special order. They forgot the rest of the ingredients in the sandwich (spinach, red peppers) which I couldn't see until I got back to the office. When I opened the sandwich there was one (1) slice of turkey in the sandwich. For the same $6.30 I can get a better sandwich at Sebastians.

            1. It's now open. If you like their sandwiches (I very much do) then it's as good as other locations.

              One warning: because of that location's size, you're in one line to order and then another to get towards the pickup window. Only problem is that their sandwiches don't come out in order. If yours is quick, then you need to push through all of the other people waiting to pick up your sandwich.

              I'm not sure what else they could have done given their size.

              1. I am replying to my own post because I finally checked out this place...twice. I ordered the cuban sandwich both times and it rocked. For the price ($6.25 incl. tax) I thought it was a very good deal. Right into my regular rotation.