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Nov 29, 2006 03:17 PM

New Pressed Sandwiches Location Downtown X-ing

Just noticed it this morning on Bedford Street near Downtown Crossing. Not sure when it will be open.

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  1. They have a place on Oliver Street in the Financial District and I have tried them. They were Ok but for the money they were nothing spectacular. They seemed to lack some pizzaz or something. I still think Als is the best deal in this neck of the woods for 4.50 for a small that could feed 2!

    1. I was also underwhelmed by my 1 visit to Pressed sandwiches on Oliver. They're also in the Seaport district.

      Ms 9 had a great sub from Al's yesterday.

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        I work in the area....are you talking Al's as in Al Capone's?

        1. re: Devilsfood

          Probably it's Al's State Street Cafe

      2. This is the same place that was in Cambridge's Central Square in the space that was a rotisserie chicken joint. For whatever reason, they did not make it over there.

        Last I heard, a pressed sandwich place based in the Charlestown Navy Yard (I think it's called Hot Off The Press) was planning on taking over the Central Square space.

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        1. To risk sounding like a curmudgeon... this looks like another fru-fru sandwich place that will feel justified adding an extra 2 bucks per sandwich because it's "pressed!" That's fine for an occasional visit, but for an office lunch staple I'd be happier with a decent sub shop. Sometimes less is more.

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            This place has had it's supporters and detractors since it first opened..(Like most places


            I think better options are Troquet at lunch with their soup, salad sandwich menu..or Volle Nolle in the NE

          2. I really wanted to like this place. I wanted the turkey sandwich with swiss rather than brie. They assemble the sandwiches in advance so this was a special order. They forgot the rest of the ingredients in the sandwich (spinach, red peppers) which I couldn't see until I got back to the office. When I opened the sandwich there was one (1) slice of turkey in the sandwich. For the same $6.30 I can get a better sandwich at Sebastians.