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Nov 29, 2006 03:13 PM

Staying at Meadowood, dinner at St. Helena and which restaurant?

At a conference at Meadowood with set dinner there on Saturday. Recommendations for dinner Friday nearby? And for lunch Saturday?

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  1. How much do you want to spend?

    One of my FAVORITE places in St Helena that's on the moderate side is Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen - owned and operated by the chef at the famous Mustard's Grill in Yountville - delicious, fresh American food with some Spanish and Mexican influences - my favorite dishes are the roasted quail and the mushroom tamales - I've never been disappointed there.

    For something more high-end, Terra or Martini House in St Helena are both excellent. Terra has a bit of an Asian spin, while Martini House offers hearty dishes including fish, game, and meat - they also do a killer mushroom tasting menu.

    For lunch, you can't beat Taylor's Refresher, a roadside hamburger stand in St Helena that is so much more than that - my favorite is the Ahi burger, served rare, with sweet potato fries on the side. For a sit down meal, Market in St Helena has comfort food with a local flavor.

    I hope this helps - have a great visit in Napa- don't forget to bring a coat! It's been FREEZING here lately! :-)

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      Megamalone has just picked the top four spots, ranging from high-end (Terra, my favorite, and Martini House) to mid-range (Cindy's)to casual (Taylor's). You're all set.......