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Nov 29, 2006 02:51 PM

Fake Japanese Food

I'mlooking for fake japanese food displays you'd see in Little Tokyo in SF - like a fake bento box w/ plastic food, or a bowl of ramen - I can't seem to find much online - only sushi parts or plastic miso soup - any japanese sites w/ english? Or maybe a professional site for restaurants to order displays?

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  1. I found this online.

    Perhaps you could fill your own bento box with some pieces of fake food that you find.

    1. You are going to think I am weird, but I have a super obsession with fake food. It's difficult to find quality stuff in North America so your best bet is to go to Japan. That's where I got mine and I love it.
      However, if a trip to Japan is unfeasible I found this site based in California:

      They have sushi under "food oriental" heading. I can't vouch for them but their site is in english which is better than most sample food sites. Just so you know, sample food is expensive everywhere.
      Good luck!

      ps: what are you going to do with it?

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      1. re: Julie Woo

        hi , it is hard to find someone with the same interest as you. i finally found someone who share the same interest about fake food!!! so do u have any collection of it ?

      2. There are a few things at

        p.s. At first I thought you meant like Benihana's of Tokyo, which in Tokyo is called Benihana's of New York. Go figure.

        1. In Tokyo there's a whole street of restaurant supply shops, many of which specialize in plastic food, more types than the imagination could possibly conceive, amazingly convincingly rendered.

          If you ever get there, it's called Kappabashi, and is west of the very well known Asakusa Kannon temple. It's completely surreal. Of course, that was my opinion of most of Tokyo, or of Japan for that matter.

          1. We just went to Kappabashi about 2 months ago. It really is something to be experienced. The entire street is filled with shops catering exclusively to restaurants. There's a handful of stores that carry only the plastic food models. The models are pretty expensive, but some stores have bargain bins and we found a really good ramen replica for $30, a donburi bowl for $15 and a sushi plate for only $10. They now sit on my fireplace mantle, waiting to be used for some juvenile trick.

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            1. re: meamhungry

              I was interested in the fake food too, and was amused to find out on my first visit to Japan that it wasn't just for Japanese food. Pizzas, pastas, mapo doufu, ice cream ( and hamburg steak, to name but a few, have all been gussied up too.

              If you get to make it out to Japan, visit the town of Gujo Hachiman. You might be able to try your hand at making your own food models.