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Nov 29, 2006 01:27 PM

christmas meal in st. petersburg?

a friend and his parents are coming over to florida from england for a few weeks around the holidays. they would love to find somewhere in st. petersburg that is open for christmas lunch/dinner. any ideas?

thanks in advance!

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  1. One possible suggestion would be at the Vinoy Hotel in St. Pete. They have a very nice restaurant and will most likely be open on Christmas.


    1. Please do not make the same mistake I did by going to the Vinoy for Christmas. Yes it's a beautiful place but thats as far as it goes. The food was over priced and not good! I felt I was eating somthing that had been cooked hours before and left in a warm serving try in the back until it made the final destination to my plate. To top it off the service was horrible too.

      1. That's such a tough day to eat out. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I always feel like the second string is on the field, i.e., all the junior staff who couldn't get the day off. I think a lot of prep is done as far in advance as possible, and it shows. The few times we've dined out on those days, we've always regretted it; I'd rather eat in.

        That said, Jewish friends of mine swear by that old standby, the Chinese restaurant. Problem is, nowadays it's hard to find one with nice decor and atmosphere, that isn't geared to takeout only.

        Good luck, lettezilla, I wish I had ideas for you!

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          With that in mind, check with ABC Chinese Seafood Restaurant on 54th Ave. N in St. Petersburg. I think it is an excellent Chinese restaurant.


          1. re: RibDog

            I am visiting St. Peterburg and ate at ABC Chinese Seafood last night. It was superb. Their fresh fish were swimming in tanks of crystal clear water (not the murky slime seen at many seafood places). The steamed tilapia with ginger & scallion was pristine. ABC is better than any Chinese restaurant I can think of in Chicago or NYC.

            1. re: lgussow

              Glad to hear you liked it. I am thankful for having such a good Chinese place on this side of the bay now. It is my go-to place for Chinese now.


        2. A standby for out of town guests is the Columbia at the Pier. While it isn't the best food in town, it is respectable, and out-of-towners will enjoy the visit to the Pier and the view of the bay from the resto's expansive windows. We went for Christmas last year and plan to do so again this year. You can't go wrong with the Sangria Cava and the 1905 Salad. I bet they also have a Christmas dinner of lechon (roast pork) on the menu that day, as well.

          1. How about the Maritana Grille at the Don CeSar?

            My wife and I really enjoy the place. Had dinner there last week in fact. A bit pricey perhaps but worth it I think. Great service.

            Their Holiday menu is posted here: