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Nov 29, 2006 01:23 PM

Best Brats and ???? in Green Bay

I'm coming to watch the Pack play this weekend. This is a pilgrimage and a dream fulfilled. I want the quintessential Green Bay experience. Where can I get (and I hope a debate ensues) the best brat in Green Bay? Also, what other local treats should I not miss? Bring on the unique, the bizzare, and the unhealthy. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm certainly not suggesting they are the best, but I was surprised that the McDonald's in GB served Brats (at least last time I was there). That would be the one near the airport with the Golden Arches and Green, instead of red roof.

    Try and hunt down some booyah.

    Kroll's for a butter burger.

    If you're not from Wisconsin and have never had them-- deep fried cheese curds. These you can find at most any tavern with a deep fryer.

    1. I grew up in GB. People don't "go out" for brats. Yeah, some places serve brats, but people only really go out for brats at picnics and the such. To get a great brat, you go buy some from a good butcher and grill them yourself. We have great sausages in Wisconsin, but not a lot of places specialize in serving them.

      Maybe you can have some luck finding some brats at a tailgate party near Lambeau.

      Anyway, the cheese curds are where it's at.

      1. I lived in GB for 18 yrs....i can't think of any restauraunt that has them on the menu....To buy them, and grill them yourself go to Austins in DePere. (Just over 172 if your comming from the stadium, Right on Webster about a mile) My family swears by Austins brats, and they get shipped all over. (I don't eat them...I just hear about everyone asking for Austins brats!)

        Storheims also has burgers that locals like...(butter and all) The custard is what makes Storheims amazing though. Everyday is a different flavor. Its the best ice cream you'll EVER eat. They may have cheesecurds on the menu too.

        Fried chese curds are quintessential...Krolls had good ones,Culvers has them (quite good, not greasy) I also get them at a little dive bar up near New Franken...don't know the name though.

        You don't go to Green Bay for the food...unless its fried, broasted, or buttered! For average cheeseheads, big-box chains are as good as it gets...which is why I left!

        If you're into good chocolate, don't miss Seroogy's in DePere. Its AMAZING. I get the Charlies (mistakes!) by the pound.

        The one thing that i do swear by, is the cheese. I get mine from Ron's in Luxemburg, Renards in Door County, but I've also had Steves (from Denmark) All of the places have good 3-4-5 year aged cheddars. I even have cheese shipped to me... its cheap and good. I also hear about a place that sells good Parmasean up in Antigo, high quality and cheap. If you go to special cheese stores, you'll see the port wine cheese spreads, and some weird stuff like chocolate cheese.

        There's also a really neat little place that sells cherry products in Forestville...(I think thats where it is) Dried cherries, fresh/frozen, and all kinds of REALLY good (and healthy) cherry products. Its worth a trip if you're a foodie.

        Also on a local front, I like the Wisconsin maple syrup. its cheaper that VT/NH...and its local.