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Nov 29, 2006 12:53 PM

Cafe Paradison in Swampscott

SIL made reservations for family group of 8 here tonight. Any recent experiences - particluarly on service? I have a son with a food allergy so we are "difficult" customers.

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  1. I'd love to read your post after you visit; no one has posted on it yet, and I'll be up in that area a few times during december...TIA!

    1. We live in Swampscott and eat out most Friday night with our two kids. For a while we frequented Cafe Paradiso for velvety homemade pastas and great sides (sauteed broccoli rabe w/lots of garlic). The veal dishes are great as well. We learned quickly that the bar area is a more comfortable place to eat; the dining room is quite formal--felt like bugs under a microscope. In fact, service can be brusque. The place used to be a watering hole for townies, and conversation the buzz in the place still has a "townie" feel to it. We only go occasionally now as it is quite pricey for a casual family dinner on a weekly basis.

      Definitely check it out. I look forward to hearing your opinion.