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Nov 29, 2006 12:48 PM

Cheap Coffee / Muffin type place in the West Village??

Just moved to the West Village; I've been to Angelique, Joe's, Jane, S'nice, and Doma (why do people think this is the best place ever?) and was wondering if you all knew of a cheaper coffee/muffin, etc type place in the West Village? A place to drink a few coffees, study, and not worry about $2.50 americanos or $4 lattes.


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  1. Jack's Stir Brewed on w. 10th. They offer the 4 dollar lattes, but you can just get a basic cup of coffee, and I like the space a lot. Small, but warm and cozy.

    1. I haven't been there in a few years, but befor Lewinsky moved into the neighborhood and became a regular I used to hang out at Gray Dog's coffee on Carmine. They had bottomless cups and it usually wasn't to crowded. I hear that it may have changed on both counts, but you should at least check it out. They also used to have great food (especially the sandwiches on fresh made and fresh sliced bread.

      1. thanks, im at collage right now. pricey, but good.

        1. Second Grey Dog, it can get very crowded at times but in the afternoon it's not too bad and everyone who works there is very friendly.

          I love Jack's but it's tiny (only four tables) so even if you snag one of them you might not want to camp out there for hours. Great coffee though, my favorite in town.