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Nov 29, 2006 10:05 AM

Restaurant for Wedding reception in Rome

I am getting married in Rome at the end of May 2007 and I am looking for a suitable restaurant for the wedding reception.

There will be 40 of us and we are looking for something that will offer good local food and good local wine. But not something that is stupidly expensive. Most of all we want an authentic Italian atmosphere.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks.

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  1. Where are you getting married? It might help to know the area of the city.

    1. We are getting married in the Wedding hall at Terme di Caracalla (Viale Terme di Caracalla, 52, Rome, 153)

      Not too bothered about location as long as its relatively central.

      Many thanks.

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        Have you asked the people at the wedding hall? If you show a sincere interest in a good meal they may be simpatico and help you. If you are going straight from your wedding to the meal, it might make sense to consider that quasi suburban area - when I bought my Gambero Rosso guide to Rome a couple of years back, many of the most respected restaurants were out in those areas where Romans actually live rather than in the centro. On the other hand, if your guests are staying in the Centro, that may be a more convenient choice. There are a couple of lovely country-atmosphere restaurants out on the Appia Antica with fireplace, etc.that might be cozy for a party. Another restaurant which I have never been to but which you might look into is San Teodoro - located near and behind the Forum in a lovely neighborhood.Romans are great on simple elegance - just spend Christmas there and see their decorations and wrappings and you will see.

      2. Hey, Ciao Osti - I'm getting married in Rome in the *middle* of May 2007 (May 11)! I've totally gone overboard trying to research places that do wedding receptions - of course, I've been looking for a place to do a reception-y dinner (decorations, music). I ended up doing a hotel restaurant - the Hotel Quirinale ( I think) because they're right next to my church and have lots of experience with english-speaking wedding receptions (interestingly... the Irish Catholics all apparently go there). I also looked into the restaurant Les Etoiles at the Hotel Atlante Star - great view, I understand, but more expensive per person than Hotel Quirinale (and across town).

        A website with info for American Catholic weddings in Rome suggested El Toula -

        I'm heading to Rome in Jan for 5 months and if I come across the perfect trattoria, I will post it for you. Also feel free to email if you'd like to swap other wedding-in-rome tips and info.

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          how was your reception at hotel quirinale?



        2. Hello,

          We decided early on we didnt want to use a hotel restaurant as the ones we saw on the internet and in books were a bit too large we thought for a party of 40. We also quite fancied the idea of a small restaurant for that authentic Italian feel.

          Cost is also an issue - we are paying for this ourselves so didnt want to spend an absolute fortune getting our friends well fed and drunk ;-)

          We are continuing our search for that ideal place and are off to Rome in a few weeks time to do some research. I am hoping my wedding planner is at the moment trying to compile a list for us!

          I must have bought every guide book and looked at every restaurant review site over the past few weeks - I think I am going slightly mad!

          Good luck for the wedding in May


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            Hey where did you get married in the end?
            Any tips for a wedding reception in Roma for about 70 people??
            Was thinking villa or hotel outside Roma
            Thanks alot!

          2. Osti, I agree with Jen. There are several restaurants along the Via Appia Antica which would serve you well - Archeologia,Hostaria Antica Roma, Ristorante Cecilia Metella and one whose name I'm forgetting. The food will be decent, but not unforgetable and there will be some room for your guests to circulate. If you go back into the city, you're likely to be put a tables with very little room. Many of these restaurants also have space outside and May is so gorgeous in Rome! If you're going before then, why not check it out. Be warned that they are used by lots of tour groups, so you'd be well advised to get booked soon, if that's the way you decide to go.