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Restaurant for Wedding reception in Rome

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I am getting married in Rome at the end of May 2007 and I am looking for a suitable restaurant for the wedding reception.

There will be 40 of us and we are looking for something that will offer good local food and good local wine. But not something that is stupidly expensive. Most of all we want an authentic Italian atmosphere.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks.

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  1. Where are you getting married? It might help to know the area of the city.

    1. We are getting married in the Wedding hall at Terme di Caracalla (Viale Terme di Caracalla, 52, Rome, 153)

      Not too bothered about location as long as its relatively central.

      Many thanks.

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        Have you asked the people at the wedding hall? If you show a sincere interest in a good meal they may be simpatico and help you. If you are going straight from your wedding to the meal, it might make sense to consider that quasi suburban area - when I bought my Gambero Rosso guide to Rome a couple of years back, many of the most respected restaurants were out in those areas where Romans actually live rather than in the centro. On the other hand, if your guests are staying in the Centro, that may be a more convenient choice. There are a couple of lovely country-atmosphere restaurants out on the Appia Antica with fireplace, etc.that might be cozy for a party. Another restaurant which I have never been to but which you might look into is San Teodoro - located near and behind the Forum in a lovely neighborhood.Romans are great on simple elegance - just spend Christmas there and see their decorations and wrappings and you will see.

      2. Hey, Ciao Osti - I'm getting married in Rome in the *middle* of May 2007 (May 11)! I've totally gone overboard trying to research places that do wedding receptions - of course, I've been looking for a place to do a reception-y dinner (decorations, music). I ended up doing a hotel restaurant - the Hotel Quirinale (www.hotelquirinale.it I think) because they're right next to my church and have lots of experience with english-speaking wedding receptions (interestingly... the Irish Catholics all apparently go there). I also looked into the restaurant Les Etoiles at the Hotel Atlante Star - great view, I understand, but more expensive per person than Hotel Quirinale (and across town).

        A website with info for American Catholic weddings in Rome suggested El Toula - http://www.toula.it/Roma/Home_Roma_In...

        I'm heading to Rome in Jan for 5 months and if I come across the perfect trattoria, I will post it for you. Also feel free to email if you'd like to swap other wedding-in-rome tips and info.

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        1. re: meels

          how was your reception at hotel quirinale?



        2. Hello,

          We decided early on we didnt want to use a hotel restaurant as the ones we saw on the internet and in books were a bit too large we thought for a party of 40. We also quite fancied the idea of a small restaurant for that authentic Italian feel.

          Cost is also an issue - we are paying for this ourselves so didnt want to spend an absolute fortune getting our friends well fed and drunk ;-)

          We are continuing our search for that ideal place and are off to Rome in a few weeks time to do some research. I am hoping my wedding planner is at the moment trying to compile a list for us!

          I must have bought every guide book and looked at every restaurant review site over the past few weeks - I think I am going slightly mad!

          Good luck for the wedding in May


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          1. re: Osti

            Hey where did you get married in the end?
            Any tips for a wedding reception in Roma for about 70 people??
            Was thinking villa or hotel outside Roma
            Thanks alot!

          2. Osti, I agree with Jen. There are several restaurants along the Via Appia Antica which would serve you well - Archeologia,Hostaria Antica Roma, Ristorante Cecilia Metella and one whose name I'm forgetting. The food will be decent, but not unforgetable and there will be some room for your guests to circulate. If you go back into the city, you're likely to be put a tables with very little room. Many of these restaurants also have space outside and May is so gorgeous in Rome! If you're going before then, why not check it out. Be warned that they are used by lots of tour groups, so you'd be well advised to get booked soon, if that's the way you decide to go.

            1. Hi Osti and Meels..
              Our wedding will be on March 16 Friday in Rome:) I wish all the happiness and best of luck to everyone.

              I am still not clear about the place but Rivadestra , Maccheroni , Agata E Romeo ,Enotecaferrara etc are on our short list.
              Does anyone have updated experience regarding these restaurants? The menus, prices..

              I got an offer from Maccheroni for 35 Euro PP with a good menu . and around 60 Euro from Rivadestra.

              Any comments?

              We will be around 30 people ..

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              1. re: Yamak

                Hi Yamak!

                Congratulations to you! I saw Rivadestra's website when I was looking for a place - it looks really nice - and I don't know much about the others. Agata E Romeo is a 1 Michelin-star place, VERY, VERY pricey.

                My only suggestion to you at this point is to clarify exactly what the pp menu price includes... VAT tax? Wine? Water? Tip/Service? (A restaurant I had previously booked - Atlante Star - it turned out the pp price didn't include service and so it would've pushed my budget over the top!) The hotel where I'm having mine now - Hotel Quirinale, in their garden - menus start at 70pp and include aperitivi beforehand, food, wine, wedding cake, a pianist, table decorations (flowers & candles), a printed menu, tax, and tip. And they have a english-speaking designated event coordinator! (happy sigh!)

                I arrive in Rome on the 15th of Jan and will be doing my own wedding errands, and if I get a chance to peek in these restaurants for you I will.

                Good luck!

                1. re: Yamak

                  I just attended a dinner party (about 30 ppl) at Maccheroni a few months ago and had a lovely time and meal. The space is very, very casual -- though comfortable and charming -- I don't know how that affects your decision.

                  The food wasn't the very best I had in Rome, but it was quite good. Basic dishes were best -- an amatriciana, chicken cacciatore, a side of chickory stand out in my memory. We just ordered off the menu (no special menu) and if memory serves the bill came to 20-25 euros per person (before wine).

                  We were seated in a room in the basement and even though we filled most of the room, they still seated other parties in the room. It wasn't really a big deal to us, but I felt bad for the two befuddled German tourists crammed in with our racuous party. Service for our party was kind of spotty. Someone in our group noted that it seemed half our party was eating at a different restaurant than the other half. I, luckily, was seated in the good section where we got the food we ordered and in a timely manner. The other side of the room waited *2 hours* to get all their dishes delivered and delivered correctly (of course, by the end they just ate whatever was brought to them!). I'm sure that problem would be solved by a fixed menu.

                  Good luck to you and all the other Roman weddings!

                  1. re: Yamak

                    Hi Yamak. Our wedding is March 12th in Rome. I hope you have a beautiful wedding. Would you mind sharing the information from Maccheroni? I checked the website but could not locate a menu/pricing.

                    1. re: cil

                      cil -- if you're interested I have pictures of the menu (in English and with prices) on my website:
                      Those should both be big enough to read if you zoom in.

                      Also if you're interested there are more pix from our dinner at Maccheroni here:
                      You can see the space (at least the space we were in) and there are a few pix of the food, too.

                    2. re: Yamak

                      Enoteca Ferrara has high prices and bad food. Agata e Romeo has high prices and excellent food. Rivadestra looks nice, but I haven't been. Nor have I been to Maccheroni but I hear mixed things.

                      1. re: Yamak

                        hello Yamak, IM planning a wedding at Caracalla Hall, who did make the resetvation for you? Did you hire a local wedding planner? If so, which one?

                        Also, I'm looking for a nice restaurant family type but with ambiance in the area of the Hall, did you find a good one? We will be approx. 20 .

                        Thank you for your help!


                      2. Was just in Rome with 4 other family members and returned to one of our favorite restaurants, which I recommend you consider if they can accommodate a party of 40. The restaurant has grown, so this might be feasible. Ambiance is quite nice.

                        It is Vladimiro-Ristorante Marcello, Via Aurora 37 (between Ludovici and Lombardo - 2 blocks in from Via Veneto). We have eaten there 5 times in 11 years and the food gets better each time. You might want to consider the meal we have every visit (reflects what we just had 2 weeks ago): first they present platters and dishes with antipasti (roasted red peppers, tomato with basil and mozzarella balls, canellini in tomato sauce, mushrooms in vinaigrette with parmesan cheese, salad of cooked peas/lima beans/carrots, grilled peppers topped with cheese, and assorted other dishes - never the same twice); second comes a platter with 3 different pastas, each in a different sauce (cream sauce with asparagus, tomato sauce, meat sauce); third is a huge hunk of roasted veal with potatoes; last is dessert (ice cream, ricotta cake, etc.). We always order the house wine in carafes and bottles of water. We were all stuffed when we finished. Total for 5 people on December 9 was 180 euros - average 36 euros per person. This is a standard offering on their menu and I suggest you look into it if the above description is to your liking.

                        I know that they have a musician some evenings and have been present when a guitarist serenaded a group of ladies celebrating Christmas. They can probably arrange music, but I doubt there is room for dancing. As for wedding cake, they most likely can provide or procure such.

                        Agate e Romeo, but the way, is very pricey.

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                        1. re: CJT

                          My fiancé and I are marrying in Rome on 20th September 07 and having not traveled there before, I think we had an idealistic view of how easy it will be to find a wonderful restaurant and book only a few days before (as we are in Australia and unable to arrive in Rome until 4 days before the wedding).

                          We are looking for the same style as mentioned above by Osti – quaint, traditional, warm ambience, good food, reasonably priced, great service etc etc. We have a group of 15-20 and our wedding is at Terme di Caracalla on the Thursday, late afternoon. Although we have been using a wedding planner to co-ordinate the ceremony, photos etc, they are only offering formal wedding reception centres/restaurants and that’s not what we’re after (we want to get a feel for the “local” Rome).

                          I am particularly interested in everyone’s mention of Vladimiro-Ristorante Marcello as it sounds perfect, however, after much “Googling” I still haven’t been able to find any contact details other than a phone number. Does anyone have a website or email address at which I can contact them?

                          1. re: antoinettak

                            I have a promotional postcard from Marcello but it shows nothing but their address and phone number, no website. Closed on Sundays. Having been there multiple times and recommending it both on Chowhound and to personal friends, I can assure you it is very worthwhile and reasonably priced. Food is abundant and good. You may want to phone them or have your planner do so. It does not make sense to try booking "a few days before" when you have 15-20 people. The restaurant needs to know this and the earlier you book, the better chance you will have to get a space set up for your group.

                        2. We loved our meal at Ristorante Maccheroni. We loved the open kitchen that is behind a glass wall so you can just stand there and watch the magic. They have a virtual tour on their website. http://www.ristorantemaccheroni.com/. Looking foward to the post-wedding report. Good luck.

                          1. I like Checco er Carreteria in Trastevere on VIa Benedetta 10-11-13. Great meat adn fish, not too expensive., Very much a neighborhoody type place these days although it used to be a bright spot in La Dolce Vita days past.

                            1. Dear friends,

                              All of your inputs are very helpful indeed.Many thanks!

                              Meels, we may be staying at Quirinale .It looks like a nice choice for your wedding.. I appreciate if you give more feedbacks on restaurants if you happen to visit there on Jan.

                              Vrunka, wonderful tips about Maccheroni .Thanks:)I will surely consider that in my decision.

                              CJT ,Vladimiro-Ristorante Marcello really sound very interesting..Lovely place,good food,decent price and certainly a good location. I will e mail them..

                              Sgny,thanks.So you enjoyed Maccheroni..

                              Deangold,thanks.I will check it.

                              Merry X-mas everyone.

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                              1. re: Yamak

                                there was just a major pan of Maccheroni by a poster on this board. Youd better take a look.

                                1. re: jen kalb

                                  I would be annoyed too if strangers were sat in the same room as my wedding reception and the inconsistent service. I like the part of going to Rome to do restaurant research. Let us know how that goes.

                              2. Dear Osti,
                                I am getting married in Rome in September 2007 and we are in the same boat. Looking for a restaurant to hold a reception for 25 people that is not overly priced and has that authentic Italian feel to it. Can I ask how you have got on since you posted this message?
                                Also this doesn't relate to food but are you using a wedding planner and if so who are you using? We are hoping to book most of the extras ourselves as the wedding planner we met with was totally overcharging. Can you advise me how you are organising your wedding?
                                Or if anyone else out there has any advice it would be much appreciated.

                                Many Thanks

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                                1. re: sizey


                                  We are off to Rome on Saturday for a few days to check out some places - including some of the places mentioned by people here (many thanks everyone for your help).

                                  I am still open to suggestions for restaurants before I go !

                                  We are using a planner as the legal stuff would have been tricky to do without being in Rome we also are using them to do the translation at the ceremony. They are also arranging the photographer and cars for the day.

                                  We are planning on arranging the reception ourselves but this may well change!

                                2. Buon Giorno,

                                  I was in Rome last week and got married on March 16th. As I already stated before I was searching the ideal place for our after wedding dinner party.We chose BABETTE Restaurant at Via Margutta 1.

                                  Babette is very close to Spanish steps - roughly 5-6 minutes walking to Piazza Del Poppolo direction.It is only one year old and tend to be a local favourite.Most of the customers were chic Italians.
                                  We were 23 people in total and everyone wholeheartedly agreed that Babette is the perfect choice for such events.

                                  The food is very delicious, the ambience is so elegant and vibrant.The staff are all kind and english speaking.

                                  We had a very satisfactory menu for about 40 euro and worth every penny.
                                  The manager and chef are sisters and they are the kindest people I've ever seen.They totally devoted themselves for our occasion and it was flawless.

                                  Some other quick remarks for alternative restaurants...

                                  Armando Al Pantheon - Very authentic ,good food.But not suitable for such events.Piccolo.

                                  Maccheroni- We did not like the restaurant as a disturbing smell of rust hit us instantly.

                                  Gusto- A nice place for casual lunch ,but not special for a dinner party.

                                  Myosotis- In fact it seemed like a nice ,average restaurant but we wanted something more special so we didnt choose there.

                                  Obiko-A very nice cheese bar with a nice decor.Might be interesting for a group dinner.

                                  For more info regarding Babette etc..


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                                  1. re: Yamak

                                    Congratulations Mehmet! I'm glad everything worked out so well.

                                    1. re: bropaul


                                      Just been reading some of the interesting reviews very helpful. Does anyone know of a suitable restaurant for a wedding reception for 25-30 people, preferably overlooking collesuem, really looking for somewhere with roof terrace but more importantly with breathtaking view. wedding is June 2008.
                                      Any advice is very much appreciated....

                                      1. re: JAM72

                                        The hotel Forum in Rome might be just what you are looking for. Try www.hotelforumrome.com and see what you think. I don't know if the restaurant is available for non-guests.

                                        1. re: bropaul

                                          It's beautiful but the food is awful.

                                          1. re: mbfant

                                            we stayed away from the food at hotel forum - it looked incredibly expensive too!!! but my bridal party all went up to the top and had prosecco after a 5pm civil ceremony, about 15 of us. I think we let them know we were coming a few days before. the view really is to die for - it was just the thing. And then we all went elsewhere for dinner. :)

                                  2. I would call Il Sanpietrino. It's a nice mid-level restaurant in the Ghetto, very attractive, but the point is they cater events and have a repertoire that could accommodate a request for local cuisine. The family that owns the restaurant is a respected wine producer in the Castellli Romani (Colle Picchioni) and so good local wine goes without saying. I have never used their catering, but I think they may have other locations available too. The restaurant has no outdoors, which would be a disadvantage for you, but I'd contact them anyway. They might have a good idea for you. www.ilsanpietrino.it.

                                    The whole Appia Antica scene is very attractive and "suggestive" and logistically handy to Caracalla, but the food might be less than stellar. And yes, I understand you want local food. Caracalla is not so far out. You can walk (though not in heels...) from Caracalla to the Colosseum, Ghetto, Testaccio, Aventino, San Giovanni, and much more, so even though outside the walls is nice, and it is, it's not necessary.

                                    1. I am also getting married in Rome on Sep 1 2007. I went over there and researched venues. We loved villa miani (www.villamiani.com). It is a bit more pricey (100 euro pp) but it is an unforgettable place w/ the most magnificent views of rome. it will add up certainly though but my parents are inviting all of their friends and its more for them anyway. We are stiill in search of a rehearsal dinner spot and having a hard time. We will probably have 80 people. Any suggestions? We may go to El Toula.

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                                      1. re: jciarimboli

                                        Hi jciarimboli
                                        I am also planning to get married in Rome, May 2008 - I have look at villa miani online and really like the look of it - I will have about 70 guest, do you know if its possible to have an outdoor reception for that amount of people, do you have any more pricing on the hotel? Any more information on it would be much appreciated.

                                        1. re: simple

                                          You should contact them: info@villamiani.com

                                          It is 2000 Euro to rent the place, and 100 euro per head which does not include all of your drinks. I don't know if they could do it entirely outdoors. My email is jillciarimboli@yahoo.com if you want to know anything else. Sorry I rarely check this site, I look at my email everyday

                                        2. re: jciarimboli

                                          Hey! Did you have your wedding in Villa Miani? Would love to hear more! do you have anymore info. on prices etc. What time did your dancing and celebrations go on until?
                                          Kind regards, Niamho

                                          1. re: niamho

                                            I once went to wedding reception at Casale Consolini on the outskirts of Rome . . . I felt like I was in a movie.
                                            here's the link:

                                        3. We also are planning a family wedding, for Nov. 2007 in Rome, 20-30 people, smaller budget, looking for good restaurant for reception. Sounds like Babette and Vladimiro-ristorante Marcello are what we are looking for. Are they small enough so our party would take over the whole restaurant or would we get a private room? Another big question -- can anyone recommend a photographer who does a combo of candid and traditional poses? Thanks for the info -- and good luck to everyone with their upcoming events.

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                                          1. re: momkool

                                            I recommended Marcello on this thread. They expanded the restaurant within the past 2-3 years and could easily accommodate 20-30, but I don't know if they can close off a part of the restaurant for a group. But they have more than 1 room now for dining. Best thing to do is ask them what they can do.

                                          2. Hello all,

                                            Just an update:

                                            We had an excellent wedding reception for 37 people (exclusive hire of the restaurant) at

                                            Cantina del Vecchio,
                                            Via dei Coronari, 30

                                            Food, wine and service all excellent and would definitely recommend.

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                                            1. re: Osti

                                              Wonderful news on all counts. Funny, just this past Sunday evening I walked past Cantina del Vecchio and thought how attractive it looked and how nice to find another place open Sunday evening.

                                              1. re: mbfant

                                                Hi getting married in March 2008 in Rome. Can anyone recommend a hotel or restaurant in the Via Veneto/Spainish Steps area. We will be a group of about 60 people.

                                                1. re: lily3

                                                  Look in this post for my information on Marcello. It is located 2 blocks in from Via Veneto and a short walk from the Spanish Steps area. With 60 people, you might want to ask about having the entire restaurant for your party. Food is excellent and reasonably priced.

                                              2. re: Osti

                                                Dear Osti,

                                                Congrats. on the wedding. The restaurant sounds lovely. We are getting married in Rome in October and looking for restaurant. Just wondering about Cantina del Vecchio, is it a fairly casual restaurant and is it possible to have live music provided there?

                                                Many thanks,

                                                1. re: angelamoore

                                                  It is a casual restaurant. We had done CDs for the music for our reception but I believe we could have had live music.

                                                  Have a look on their website http://www.cantinadelvecchio.it/defau... for an idea of the size of the place. (click on the scrolling picture


                                                  My advice to anyone planning a wedding in Rome is to visit AT LEAST ONCE to check out the places you are considering and most importantly sample the food as some of the ones we had considered prior to visiting (mainly from guidebook / internet research) were very quickly ruled out once in Rome and seeing the place / sampling the food.

                                                  1. re: Osti

                                                    we are also planning to wed in rome in december 2008 in rome and being irish would have roughly 100 guests also.... please let me know how your hunt for a venue goes.....we want the reception with the food, wine and live music for dancing...thanks. Sinéad

                                                    1. re: galway

                                                      Hi Sinead,
                                                      We're just back from looking around Rome for a suitable venue. Not an easy task. We'll have 80+ guests coming over in nov 08.
                                                      We will probably choose Caffe delle Arti, They have a nice buffet but also waiter sit down meals. Not cheap at 88 euro / pp + rental costs for the cafe.
                                                      Places like the Hotel Quirinale are well used to catering for Irish weddings but it is a bit repetitive for some people who have been to Rome before.
                                                      Also, note all inner city bands etc must stop before midnight. So don't underestimate the local Irish bars for a continuation of the party.
                                                      Hope it helps

                                                      1. re: galway

                                                        Hey sineid, did you have your wedding In Rome? I'm planning my wedding in rome in 2010 and would love some suggestions!!!
                                                        Have looked at Villa grazioli and Villa Miani ( waiting to hear back)
                                                        Have you any tips??

                                                2. I am getting married in Rome
                                                  october 2008 looking for a formal recption venue with great food, fabulous ambiance, and convenient location. We are considering the St Regis hotel ballroom. Does anyone have any ideas for a party of 110 guest looking to eat dance drink and be merry in a fancy setting? We are working on a budget and can not go above 150 euro per guest. please help! we really wanted a villa but they are really expensive when you consider the travel costs.
                                                  I have heard about a few roof top places but the food reviews are lacking that authentic roman cusine wow factor, any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated. Cara & Anthony NY

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                                                  1. re: flara1226

                                                    Hi flara1226! I am getting married in Rome October 2009 and am looking for some advice on a reception venue. We've been looking at rooftop hotel places. What have you decided on?

                                                    1. re: flara1226

                                                      Hey Cara, where did you have your wedding in the end?? Would love to hear more about the ST Regis. Looks a bit pricey for me but I might stretch it if it was worth it??
                                                      If you've any tips or ideas they'd be really welcome

                                                    2. Thanks to everyone for the great advice on restaurants in Rome. I'm hoping to use all the information as we have 50-60 guests coming from the UK and Australia for an entire week of wedding celebrations! I am wondering if anyone has actually booked their reception at the St Regis and whether it was worth the money? Having 50-60 guests makes having the reception in a restaurant a bit of a squeeze so we are thinking we really need to look at hotels. Villas are out of our price range because they include a hire charge and even though the St Regis is at €150 pp (which we thought was too much initially), it at least offers quite a few extras such as wines with the dinner, complimentary accommodation, spa treatment, menu tasting etc. Has anyone had any experience with them? Having been quoted €235 pp simply for dinner at another hotel this seems too good to be true. Can anyone help?

                                                      1. hello Osti, IM planning a wedding at Caracalla Hall, who did make the resetvation for you? Did you hire a local wedding planner? If so, which one?

                                                        Also, I'm looking for a nice restaurant family type but with ambiance in the area of the Hall, did you find a good one? We will be approx. 20 .

                                                        Thank you for your help!


                                                        1. We are interested in a restaurant in Rome with a terrasse for about 10 people for our wedding reception. Could you please give us some addresses of places with the best views?