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Nov 29, 2006 09:59 AM

Greys Papaya Dogs in Toronto?

Whats the closest thing to a papaya dog in TO?

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  1. nothing...

    But what makes Gray's so special is price??

    1. Absolutely nothing. Not a chance. Not a hope. I've ranted enough about Toronto hot dogs on other threads and I'm not going to start all over again. It's too depressing.

      A decent beef hot dog does not exist in Toronto. Period. I'm not a particular devotee of that place, but the bottom line is that Toronto has no decent dog to start with.

      1. I had Gray's in NYC this spring...the hot dogs were just your average Schenider's dog. I think you get two for $2.00 plus a drink or something like that. The dog was okay...the drink was absolutely was thick and chalky. We had both the papaya and the mango and both "juices" was gross. Tasted like one of those bodybuilding shakes...artificial and chalky!

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        1. re: LovesToEat

          There used to be a couple of places along Yonge st that sold the same kind of stuff. I think they were called Papaya Hut and they were around for decades. One branch even ended up at the Eaton Centre for a while.

          I never could understand why people line up at Gray's. Perhaps it is the price. New York has great dogs in profusion. Hebrew National, Nathans, whomever makes the dogs for Katz's, and a whole bunch more. Sob.

          1. re: LovesToEat

            I think the thing about greys papaya and papaya dog is they arent anything like like a Schnieders dog. The meat grind is coarser and higher in fat. The are almost too salty and thats where the overly sweet tropical drinks come in to match. The drinks are absolutely synthetic but a hot dog is hardly a wonder of nature. Its like foie gras and Sauternes, rich and richer = Heaven. And as for the buns from the street guys, do they burn them to try and hide the staleness? anyway save that one for another day