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Vito's replacement?

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So looks like some new guy set up shop in Vito's old place. I used to think this was by far the best pizza in l.a. Anyone been to the new one? I'd like to hear some opinions/comparisons....

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  1. Yuck. The only thing they have in common is the space. I tried it, hoping for the best. Soggy crust, flavorless sauce. Not to be.

    1. It's Rocco's. Here's one of several threads about it.

      1. We were hoping it would be good, it ain't. Their salads are dreadful -- how hard is it to find a pizza place with good salads. If you are the owner of a dining establishment, take a step and make your dressings -- nothing is as disappointing as to get Italian from a bottle. Yuck.

        1. Does anyone know what happened to Vito & his partner? Would love to know if they are going to do another place or if they went back to NYC/Jersey?

          1. About a year after they closed, I tracked him down (He lives -- lived?) in the building above the shop to ask him what his plans were. At the time, he was looking around for a new location somewhere in Hollywood. But that was over a year ago, and I'm not sure what's become of the plans.

            1. I live in East Hollywood. I miss Vito's and Rocco's is no replacement. Word in the neighborhood is that Vito as a person and as a pizza maker is a great guy, but as a businessperson, he's not very good. He was going to re-open in 2004 but blamed the City and various codes and regulations on the delay. But after the Rocco's owners took over, they did some research and discovered none of those codes and regulations applied.

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                Vito's has reopened, but has now moved to West Hollywood. It is located at:

                It is halfway between Melrose and Santa Monica on La Cienega on the east side of the street in a minimall.

                846 N La Cienega Blvd
                Los Angeles, CA
                Phone: (310) 652-6859

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                  Yes, I've been to the new Vito's 5 miles west. I jokingly complain to Vitos that he owes me for abandoning the neighborhood. For those of you who live near the old Vito's, if you order is more than $50, they will deliver.