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Nov 29, 2006 08:15 AM

Best Ramen - one person a vote

Hey everyone.

I have read through all the manhattan ramen posts on this board, and cannot come to any conclusions (not surprisingly). Of course, I intend to judge for myself, but I would like to at least have a few places to start with.

So if it is okay, please simply state where you think in manhattan serves the best ramen, and maybe one line about why it is good / best dish / what you like about it, etc. I will edit this post and keep track of the votes as we go.

Thanks guys!

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  1. One vote for Momofuku! Great noodles, amazing pork buns

    1. out of risk of getting booted, I present one up vote, and one down vote.

      YES - Rai Rai Ken on east 10th for their regular shio ramen, and also, for their cold ramen noodle dish.

      NO - Minca, but only because I find their shoyu (pork) broth to be way too strong and porky and fatty. Their Wahoo is good though.

      1. What's the place called on 47 between 6th and 7th? Went there once with a co-worker and their specialty was ramen, darn good!

        1. Chikubu is by far the best. Fridays only.

          If you do a search for ramen, you will find many discussions on this subject here on CH.

          1. JoLi ... i think you're talking about Saporo. yes, it's very good and has my vote. :)

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              Yes that is correct. I couldn't remember where in the 40s it was.