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Best chef with the worst service in toronto?

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Hello Fellow Food Lovers,

Im new to the city and just curious and wondering what people think? Who cooks the best food and stands out even with little support from service staff? Maybe the most underrated chef because of it and has a tonne of potential.....

Cheers All

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  1. Well, its not so much of a chef, but I always thought that Fantasy Eatery at Midland and Finch had really wicked-kickass-yummy food, but really crappy service. Their prices are VERY affordable, which kinda makes me think if thats the reason why the service is that bad.

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      I LOVE THAT PLACE!!! the food there is fantastic. i personally think it's some of the best, esp at the cost. i actually get chinese take out from there as well. i always get really good service there. they might be a bit hasty with the bill but tha'ts understandable to me b/c they are always so busy unless u go around 4-5pm when it's a bit quieter.

    2. Susur. Dining at his namesake restaurant has been for me, 3 out of 3 times, filled with gastronomical revelations yet exemplified by amateur, overly familiar service.

      1. The response to your heading is Susur (of course).
        But reading the text says you want an underrated chef - and Susur is hardly that.
        I nominate Nathan Isberg (of Czehoski) - also voted 'young chef-of-the year' last year by some organization I don't recall.
        If you go - go early/midweek and call ahead and ask for Nathan to "just feed me".

        1. my vote is for Kubo radio. i think the service there is horrendous. i heard so many great things about that place too, but it was a let down all around, mostly b/c of the service. i've been there 3 times, and my third time was my last time. going there one afternoon with a friend of mine, we were 1 of 2 tables there. the server i think his name was laura or lesie, was rushed and impatient, with only 2 tables! the last straw came when he brought our dessert with the bill in hand and put them both on the table. no tip for him. no more trips to Kubo radio for me.

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            I've been to Kubo a couple times. Personally I think the food is overrated, in general. It can be ok, nothing great. I don't think we've had bad service though. Once was for lunch on the patio and the service was great. And the other time was a Friday night for dinner and the place was packed and they were very nice to us.

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              i'm glad to hear that u had good service, unfort my trips there left something to be desired. i thought the food was OK, interesting fusion ideas but whether or not it was executed well...meh. nothing spectacular. i think we had some dumplings, some type of noodle stirfry (not good at all) and then these carmamilk chocolate filled dumplings for dessert which was interesting, and the best part of the meal b/c of the unique idea. on another note the spaces is very trendy and i really wanted to like this place. it really pains my heart that this is a new place in my neighborhood that i won't be going to. any recs that i shoudl try?

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                It's funny, because I remember the best part of the meal being dessert - one of my friends got a "flaky" and it was very good.
                The other food though was as you say - meh. We ordered some kind of "green plate" (I don't remember the name exactly which was basically a bunch of sauteed jalapenos if I remember correctly. It was not great. The pad thai was ok and a big portion, but it wasn't anything special.
                In your area, I would recommend Pulp Kitchen for vegetarian and good smoothies and chai tea (I had a smoothie last week with spiralina in it that was delicious). They are only open for breakfast and lunch. Barrio is nice for dinner. Both of these places have nice service.
                If you don't mind travelling a bit east to the Beaches - Queen and Beech to be exact, I had a great brunch at a place called Pomegranate. Great food. Good prices. Nice attentive service.

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              At Kubo, we were treated as if we didn't exist despite the place being adequately staffed and nearly empty. However, Kubo wouldn't be a candidate for this topic, since the food was mediocre to bad also.

            3. Here's a thread I started a while back that may help with this issue: