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Nov 29, 2006 07:02 AM

Best chef with the worst service in toronto?

Hello Fellow Food Lovers,

Im new to the city and just curious and wondering what people think? Who cooks the best food and stands out even with little support from service staff? Maybe the most underrated chef because of it and has a tonne of potential.....

Cheers All

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  1. Well, its not so much of a chef, but I always thought that Fantasy Eatery at Midland and Finch had really wicked-kickass-yummy food, but really crappy service. Their prices are VERY affordable, which kinda makes me think if thats the reason why the service is that bad.

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      I LOVE THAT PLACE!!! the food there is fantastic. i personally think it's some of the best, esp at the cost. i actually get chinese take out from there as well. i always get really good service there. they might be a bit hasty with the bill but tha'ts understandable to me b/c they are always so busy unless u go around 4-5pm when it's a bit quieter.

    2. Susur. Dining at his namesake restaurant has been for me, 3 out of 3 times, filled with gastronomical revelations yet exemplified by amateur, overly familiar service.

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        1. The response to your heading is Susur (of course).
          But reading the text says you want an underrated chef - and Susur is hardly that.
          I nominate Nathan Isberg (of Czehoski) - also voted 'young chef-of-the year' last year by some organization I don't recall.
          If you go - go early/midweek and call ahead and ask for Nathan to "just feed me".

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