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Nov 29, 2006 06:36 AM

Brent's Deli - Original vs. new location

For all the Brent's afficianados out there, how would you compare the original Northridge location with the new location in Westlake/Thousand Oaks? Having been a long-time very frequent Northridge regular, I was a little reluctant to try the new location. Went for the first time about two weeks ago and again tonight. First time, food was good, service was not - not near the service quality at the original. Tonight, both food and service was excellent. Could be that Ron, the owner, was sitting with a large group at a table across from us, so the employees had to be on their best behavior. Also, had a Howie Mandel sighting tonight as well.

So what do you all think? Beside the ambiance and size of the locations, how do the two stack-up? Does the food taste any different to you? Is there any variance in the standard/favorite items? What are your service experiences? The new location still might be working out the bugs, but so far, I've been impressed.

What say you?

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  1. I am still given to the original location, but Westlake is fine if I am in the area. As a new place it takes time to work all the bugs out. Being a bit of a yenta, I took it upon myself recently to explain some of the finer points of Jewish food to a young Hispanic waiter who was fairly clueless.
    Hey, the lower east side it ain't, but even the lower east side isn't anymore either.

    1. Hi can you tell me what the address is to NYC seafood on garvey. need to mapquest, coming from san diego. thanks a lot