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Nov 29, 2006 06:28 AM

Sendai's Best?

Anyone have recommendations for Sendai?

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  1. Sendai is very well known for chilled ramen (hiyashi-chuka ramen) and grilled beef tongue. Chilled ramen is out of season, but you should research a good beef tongue place there. There is also a very good ramen shop that combines the two (regular, not chilled ramen) with "beef tongue ramen". It's called Chibakiya (ちばき屋, Map: I visited the Tokyo branch recently and it was excellent...Will post on my visit this weekend.

    1. Thanks. I'll look for it.
      My current favorite is Namaskar, an excellent Indian place near the Sendai station. I think it's safe to call it the favorite amongst foreigners in the area, but I'm looking to branch out.

      1. These were the top rated places in Sendai from not much of a sample size and most raters are probably from Tokyo- .....Beef tongue cuisine looks like this in Japanese- 牛たん料理.

        1. Tried a new (to me) Indian place today called Ganesh. They have a limited lunch menu, so I'd like to go back for dinner some time. The place prides itself on it's authentic Assam tea and lentil "curry". It's really a dal, but that's a less familiar term in Japan. The highlight was a tea jelly served with lemon juice for dessert. I'd go back just for that!!!

          It's on Jozenji-dori up near the Shimin Kaikan.