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Nov 29, 2006 06:26 AM

Cafe with wireless access and good food...

I might be asking for too much, but I like to do work outside sometimes(outside of home, i mean, not in the open-air) and I was wondering if there would be a nice, quiet cafe somewhere in DC that has wireless internet access(this is a MUST) and good food..doesn't need to be full dishes, but some good (european maybe?) pastries and/or cakes with coffee or tea are highly desirable.

I'd really appreciate your opinion.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Panera is my go-to place when I'm traveling and don't have other Internet access. The coffee is decent, the muffins and pretty good. If you want soup, salad, or a sandwich, they have those to, but I avoid messy things that can fall into my computer.

    Understand that I do this when I NEED to, not because I WANT to. Panera isn't at the top of the list when I want lunch but don't need Internet access.

    I think that in general, you'll find a place that offers free WiFi access will be comfortable and quiet, but not TOO comfortable and quiet. They really don't want you to camp out there all day.

    1. Tryst in Adams Morgan, fantastic sandwiches, amazing coffee and free wifi.

      1. I second the vote for Tryst, I spent waaaay too many hours there studying and also suggest Politics and Prose. The cafe has changed hands, but it used to have wifi and some yummy treats.

        1. Busboys and Poets on 14th and V has Wi-Fi and tasty salads and pizzas. They also have a really excellent vibe. It's a coffee house, lounge, bookstore, performance space all in one - and they seem to do reasonable justice to each. The bookstore is themed toward the socially conscious - liberal minded - and there's an excellent mural in the back performance space that depicts important social activists across time. The space hosts musicians and book readings with flair. All of this and still maintains a swanky feel and a reasonable level of noise to be able to settle into a nook and do a little work. My favorite.

          Or if you're in the mood for dessert you could try the Love Cafe down the street at 15th and U - I think they have wireless.

          1. Gotta go with Tryst, too. Not bad food, good coffee. You can try Open City Diner, which is owned by the same folks and is in Woodley Park, but I'm not crazy about the food.

            Other places to consider:
            - Soho Tea & Coffee on P St in Dupont -- food is okay (good pastries), but the coffee is good, cheap, and plentiful and they don't care if you hang out for hours on end.
            - Cous Cous Cafe by Farragut - Haven't eaten there, but I have friends who swear by it, and they have free wi-fi.
            - Love Cafe on U St. -- You'll hear varying opinions on Cakelove cake & cupcakes on this board, but the cafe is nice, has good cupcakes and free wifi.

            Of the chains, Caribou Coffee now has free wi-fi for customers, too.

            Old but still fairly accurate list: