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Red Velvet Cake in Philadelphia

I am craving red velvet cake. When I was in NYC I would go to a few good bakeries which made it but here in Philadelphia no luck so far. Anyone know of a good place to get yummy red velvet cake??? I dont even mind mail ordering from NY but I dont know any bakeries that do. Thanks!

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  1. I know that Bleiler's Bakery in the Reading Terminal Market has it sometimes by the slice, quarter, or cake. A few weeks ago DiBruno's (on Chestnut St.) had it by the slice and it was pretty good but obviously farmed out from somewhere else.

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      I've seen them by the slice at Bleiler's, as well. You can put in an order for any item that's not on hand and pick it up later. I've not tried their red velvet cake, but everything else is wonderful.

    2. I would imagine that any of the good bakeries in Philly would make you a red velvet cake if you call up and order it. Try Petit 4 in Old City and Pink Rose at 4th and Bainbridge for starters.

      Pink Rose
      630 S. Fourth St.
      (Bainbridge St.)
      Philadelphia, PA 19147

      Petit 4 Pastry Studio
      • 160 North Third Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
      • Neighborhood: Old City/Penn's Landing
      • Phone: 215.627.8440
      • Fax: 215.627.8443

      1. Petit 4 has been closed since the summer and is going to be a cheese shop in it's next incarnation so I'd pass that one (unless you want cheese...)

        1. Oops. Sorry. Thanks for the update. I guess it's been a while since I darkened their doorstep. Heck, I'll make the red velvet cake for you if you want.

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            I think Brown Betty Desserts in Northern Liberties has Red Velvet cupcakes sometimes but I would call first since it isn't part of the regular menu. They didn't have them when I was there the last time. However, some columnist really liked them. Suefoo, if you have a good recipe that doesn't use a load of red food coloring, I would love to have.

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              i worry about those liberties walk businesses. i walk by here all the time and there are so few people i see doing the same. (the sushi place, zen, already closed?!!!)

              they make very pretty things: http://www.brownbettydesserts.com

          2. Faye,
            I like Magnolia Bakery's recipe the best. It is easy enough to google. I tried to post it here but the post was deleted. Unfortunately, it does use red food dye. The only alternative I think would be beet juice.

            1. Oh thank you all for your helpful tips on getting Red Velvet cake. Gosh I will definetly try some of those bakeries mentioned here. Thanks again!

              1. a fantastic red velvet cake, amongst other great desserts, is at Canvas Coffee at 400 east girard ave. in Fishtown. It's the real deal and only 2 bucks for a very generous slice. All of the baking is done there but call ahead to see what they've got. 215 425 0524

                1. go to golosa's on 6th street and passyunk ave...right near the little fish restaurant. They have the best red velvet cake there.

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                    I'll second that. La Golosa's red velvet cake is very good.

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                      Does it have the traditional icing? I don't care for cream cheese icing on red velvet cake...

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                        Admittedly, I don't know what La Golosa's icing is like, but I have never seen the traditional "gravy" icing on a commerical red velvet, not even the ones that claim traditional cakes (and then still put a ton of red food colouring in). I think you'd be hard-pressed to find that stuff (especially since the traditional icing, if I properly recall, contains things like lard or shortening).

                        Have you found this mystical traditional concoction somewhere? Please share!

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                          My aunt used to make it. I made it for my daughter when she was a little one. No lard -- just butter. It's a variation on buttercream frosting, and lighter than cream cheese frosting.

                          Here's a similar recipe from Southern Food:

                          Frosting for Red Velvet Cake

                          3 tablespoons flour
                          1 cup granulated sugar
                          1 cup butter
                          1 cup milk
                          1 tsp vanilla
                          Blend flour in a little of the cold milk and then add rest of milk and cook, stirring constantly. Cook flour and milk until very thick. Remove from heat, and cool. Cream sugar, butter and vanilla until very light and fluffy. Add to first mixture. It should have a light texture similar to whipped cream. Frost all layers.

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                          I think it has cream cheese icing.