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Nov 29, 2006 05:08 AM

Red Velvet Cake Order Online

Hi I moved away from NYC and now in Philly! I miss getting red velvet cake and have a strong craving for it. Anyone know of bakeries who do online/mail orders for red velvet cake.

I saw Oprah and she mentioned a bakery in LA, but shipping is 45 dollars so I thought NYC might be more feasible (and cheaper shipping). Thanks

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    best red velvet cake in brooklyn. don't know if they ship, but it's worth looking into.

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    1. re: mrs. jones

      Cakeman's red velvet is pretty good, but I am not ready to say that it's the best - haven't found the best yet!

    2. You can try Very good, but I'm not sure if she delivers to Philly.

      1. cakemanraven is superb! will make you give up anything for one more slice.

        1. Great red velvet cake is to be had at Canvas Coffee in Phila. at 400 east girard avenue. It's made there but call ahead if you want to order it. No need to mail order, get it in phila.

          1. Without a doubt, order from - Very Vera makes the best tradtional red velvet. Enjoy!