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Nov 29, 2006 04:12 AM

Japanese lunch in Pasadena

Is there a good Japanese restaurant for lunch that is walking distance from the Container Store?(Fair Oaks & Union) Sushi restaurant ok if they serve other stuff as well. If not Japanese, maybe Chinese?
Thank you

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  1. If walking distance is the most significant factor, then

    Sushi Roku - cross the street, into the plaza with Il Forniao and Johnny Rockets. Fusion rolls, appetizers.

    Or go across the street to Kabuki. It's less expensive.

    Or walk a little further down Fair Oaks to Wokcano,

    or the nearby Famima! for quick to-go bites.

    1. ~afloat sushi, next to subway
      ~sushi roku
      *chinese is fortune chinese, i think its raymond and union

      1. in other words, no. there's not a good japanese place in old town.

        1. SHaab on Raymond is real good sushi. Roku, Kabuki, Wokcano do not even deserve to be mentioned they are so bad unless you really dont like japanese food/sushi then they are ok.

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          1. There's Kansai on Fair Oaks just south of Colorado. Good not great udon & soba noodles, ramen, bento lunches, etc.

            36 S Fair Oaks Ave
            Pasadena, CA 91105

            And let's not forget Hurry Curry right across the street.

            Pretty specialized menu, but I dig Japanese curry. (Though they also have Japanese spaghetti)