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Nov 29, 2006 04:03 AM

Dungeness Crab Lunch Near Westfield Mall??

I have family coming into town next week wanting to visit the new Westfield Mall on Market St. Can anyone suggest a restaurant for lunch within walking distance that serves seafood and in particular Dungeness crab?

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  1. Tough call, because most of the seafood restaurants will be down on the Embarcadero or Fisherman's Wharf. I would suggest hopping the cable car at Powell St if it's not too long of a wait and taking it to Ghirardelli Square for a full-blown SF experience. My out-of-town relatives LOVED the crab feast at McCormick & Kuletos there, but you can also find more reasonably-priced options nearby like Capurro's or Chic's. Since they are coming to town to see the mall that they might appreciate the upscale atmosphere of McCormick & Kuleto's. I would make reservations, though as the walk-in traffic is fierce.

    1. The seafood place (San Francisco Seafood Co?) next to Hog Island Oyster in the Ferry Building has good crab sandwiches on Acme bread, and crab louis.The problem is that it's not really a sit-down restaurant. Only counter spaces and outdoor tables. But can't beat the views and atmosphere.

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        Just an FYI, the SF Seafood Co. does NOT use fresh, local crab for their sandwiches or their salads. Only if you order the half or whole crab to pick yourself do you get fresh, local crab. (They're pretty forthcoming about this if you ask, but most folks assume it's NOT packaged crab!)


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          Are you sure? Even now that the season has started? I can see using packaged stuff when it's out of season.

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            Crazy, isn't it? I made the same assumption, then the man sitting next to me asked, and was told it was not fresh.

            Later the same day, I asked at one of the wharf stands selling crab cocktail, and was told the same thing.

            You can get fresh crab in the shell from these same places, so I suspect they don't want to pay the labor costs to pick the crab.


      2. Thanks for that information. I didn't ask and did assume because, being in the Ferry Building, you assume everything served is fresh and local.

        1. What about Sam's Grill or Tadich?

          1. Can it be Chinese? I think Tian Sing might fill the bill nicely.

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                R&G isn't really walking distance from the Mall. At least, not what most people mean when they specify walking distance.