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Nov 29, 2006 03:18 AM

isla ibiza?

i heard of this through another topic, but no details were given. can anyone offer a review? thanks in advance...

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  1. i've been thrice or so. i think it's great!

    they're obviously still working out their new-restaurant kinks, which is forgivable. my bartender did not have a whole lot of knowledge about the spanish wines, but the one she pointed out as one that was frequently ordered was quite good! (damned if i can recall its name, though)

    the ambiance there alone is enough to draw me back. outside, girard ave looks a little rough (it's safe, though, i live there) but inside is a charming old-world decor style with a romantic amber glow to it. it's very comforting to me i guess. there is a man who sits in the corner and plays pretty spanish music. not too loud, like a certain other spanish place around the corner. and althrough i am not the expert by any means, it seems more authentic to me.

    anyway, food's good but not great, as far as my tastes go. patatas bravas could use a little more... i vote for garlic aioli. garlic shrimp was good (entree, they don't have a tapas-sized dish). the almond-date butter they serve with the baguette is fabulous. i could (and do) fill up on that alone. the mac y queso was good. i eat limited seafood but otherwise no meat, and i found the menu to be quite limiting. a straight-up vegetarian would be hard-pressed to find anything other than the mac & patatas. which because of the carbs involved is a substantial meal, just not very satisfying in terms of complexities and things you can't make yourself at home... that's my biggest suggestion though. my carnivorous company absolutely adored their dishes, and we can all highly recommend the soup with crab meat on the side. fab.

    it's most definitely worth at least one visit. hopefully in time they will create a more complex and intriguing menu, but for the time being they are good at what they do.

    and you can burn off all those calories upstairs, where there is salsa music + dancing.

    1. Went there thursday night and thoroughly enjoyed it. You are correct regarding the lack of wine knowledge and it is not vegetarian friendly, but if you are a carnivore I recommend any of the meat dishes. They were cooked as ordered, very flavorful and quite generous. The tapas portions were huge incomparison to Amada and Bar Ferdinand. I had the duck and the chanterrelles and was very happy with both dishes.

      1. Can someone please give an exact address and phone number please? And do they have a website?


        1. I don't know the exact address, but it is on the southwest corner of 3rd and Girard. Bright coral-colored 4-story building. You can't miss it.