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Nov 29, 2006 01:16 AM

Adirondacks Area Dining

Heading to Gore Mountain ski area soon. Any suggests for a nice meal near the area, or in North River? Looking for a great restaurant, not family but nicer ambience.

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  1. Friends Lake Inn is excellent and near Gore. You will likely need a reservation but it is a great spot with an incredible wine list (ask for a tour of the 20,000 bottle cellar). Their website is

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        Have you been since they changed ownership? We have heard mixed reviews and so are leery of spending the $ to try it ourselves.

      2. The best meal (gourmet - but a really small, unique place) by far in the area will be at:
        The Owl at Twilight
        Route 29
        Olmstedville, NY 12857
        (518) 251-4696

        I found one review at this web site (scroll down) - they don't seem to have their own site:
        If you google it you'll see a few other glimpses. Need reservations for sure. Don't blink or you'll miss the town. Really - try it. It's exquisite. You will not believe you're in the Adirondacks (well, until you look at the town, ha).


        Another great place, but a little farther, is Melody Lodge in Speculator. Melody is our favorite restaurant in the whole Adirondacks. IT's in a true Adirondack lodge (complete with excessive numbers of snowmobilers...) perched on top of a hill. The dining room has a fire place and linen table cloths. It's very nice. Also need reserves.


        In North Creek, the Copperfield Inn has two dining areas - a bar and a dining room. Both are hit or miss. The chefs change often and so it's risky. Nice atmosphere though.

        Also in North Creek is Casey's. Nothing fabulous, but it's a nice building (a log place and it's a sports bar). The menu is hamburgers, chicken fingers, that sort of stuff. Good with kids.

        Have fun! I love Gore...but I love that region in the summer even more. We've been going up there for well over 20 years.

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          Second the Owl at Twilight. Wonderful food and extremely nice, warm and gracious hosts. Well worth a meal. I have been going there for years as my kids went to camp nearby.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. We have only been to Friends Lake Inn once under the new ownership. Most of the staff appeared to stll be intact and we had a good experience. However, I have noticed the lodging rates are moving up on a regular basis.