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Nov 29, 2006 12:41 AM

Sandy/Cottonwood Utah

I am going skiing in this area any decent eats or do I have to go to Park City

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  1. There are a few options in the south Salt Lake City valley. If you're up for Indian, Royal India in Sandy has great Northern and Southern Indian food. The palak paneer, butter chicken, briyani, and keema dosa are incredible with great bread and service to go with it. Plenty of locals and Indian students.

    At about 8600 South and 1300 East are two options: Szechuan Garden and Taste of Punjab, right next door to each other. Szechuan has standard fare and some really good authentic undiluted stuff from Sichuan province. The ground pork with pickled long beans is strangely good. The dumplings are all made from scratch. The scallion pancakes are excellent. Taste of Punjab is another good Indian option.

    Lone Star Taqueria Fort Union and 2300 East I believe, has great tacos and burritos.

    If you were considering driving to Park City to eat, you might as well stay in the city. if none of the above options sound good consider these others in the Salt Lake valley and save yourself some gas:

    Van Winkle Expressway and 900 East. Wine country style casual american food. Burgers, steamed curry clams, lamb shank, everything. Wine and cocktail menus are amazing. Do not skip dessert. The Ginger Cake rocks.

    3300 South 2300 East
    northern italian inspired food. from the same owners of Pine.

    1500 South 1500 East
    Amazing Lebanese. A favorite with alot of locals. Roasted eggplant sandwiches, schawarma, to a whole load of mezze like baba ghannouj, fava bean stew, ground lamb flatbread (sfiha). Can't go wrong.

    Red Iguana
    on North Temple
    opt for hte moles and non-americanized stuff. you won't be disappointed. tres leches cake and cochinita pibil rock, too.

    on Market Street, downtown
    if you're in the mood for sushi. sit at the bar otherwise you'll never get service. try the torched black cod nigiri to start off—and don't snarf it down. savor it, you'll want to. find out why everyone calls it sex on rice.

    personally, i'm not really a fan of park city. mostly overpriced sub standard fare they feed to a captive audience, save the splurge places at maybe one or two resorts. if you do land there, just head to the Sidecar Bar in the Main Street Mall, grab a beer and order the house pizza. the best east coast style pizza in the region.

    1. wasabi hit the high notes, you'd be well served to follow those leads. I'll second that emotion for Taste Of Punjab. Their lunch buffet is one of the better deals around, and the food is very good.

      A few other possibilities for you:

      Porcupine (above the Lift House across from the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon) has very good pub fare and a nice selection of draft beers. A great place to hang after skiing either of the Cottonwoods.

      Epic is a more casual eatery run by the Tiburon fine dining folks. An eclectic menu with some standout flatbread appies and a delicious grilled artichoke. On Ft Union in one of the big strip malls near 900 East.

      Just a couple of freeway exits south (12600 S/ Draper) and you can get to Goodwood's BBQ, an excellent chain based out of Boise. The smoked prime rib, sausage and pulled pork are stellar, as are the sides.

      I'd also agree with wasabi as to the overall dining scene in PC. Only place I would consider making the drive to eat would be Jean-Louis Montecot's new place or the restaurants at Deer Valley.

      1. There are a number of dining options for you very close to the Cottonwood Canyon ski areas (Snowbird, Alta, Brighton, and Solitude). All of the resorts have their own restaurants, with Snowbird having the best of the bunch (Aerie). The Shallow Shaft in Little Cottonwood Canyon near Alta has long received excellent reviews. Near the mouth of the canyons is the Old Mill area, where you will find good sushi (Mikado), seafood (Market Street Grill), decent Mexican (Loco Lizard), and the lovely Italian restaurant, Tuscany. All of these places have good food and far more reasonable prices than most of the Park City joints.

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          behind Tuscany, too, is Franck's. The chef is French, the menu is ecclectic, and I think he offers the best fried chicken around. Really.

        2. If you're heading to Mikado at Old Mill for sushi, please don't, unless you enjoy overpriced rolls assembled by hungover slacker dudes (our first and last visit there).

          For a sushi fix you should head for Samurai, a couple of miles over on 6200 S at Highland/Van Winkle.

          While not the equal of Takashi downtown, Chef Uri does a fabulous job, with some very creative, unique offerings. I cannot think of a single thing we've ordered in many, many visits that wasn't kickbutt.

          The location had its ups and downs for quite some time, but Uri has owned it for over 2 years now and is deserving of the support. Absolutely, totally superior product to Mikado, and at a lower tariff.