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Nov 29, 2006 12:32 AM

first chowing trip Zihuatanjo/Ixtapa,Manzanillo,Acapulco

I'll be on a carnival cruise and of course want some local fun and flavor in these ports. Any suggestions for lunch and dinner would be helpful. Will have a van each day to go anywhere we'd like.

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  1. There are plenty of posts on those places... enjoy!

    1. thanks Eat Nopal ...I found them
      Any great Mole dishes around? That's my weakness

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      1. re: kitchenhag

        Yeah... you should be able to find mole in Acapulco or Ixtapa... particular look out for the regional mole of Teloapan (a town in the same state)... particularly if a place serves it with Guillota (Quail) you know its probably going to be the real deal.

        However, once you are in that climate... I find that I rarely want something as hearty as a mole. Grilled, Smoked, Fried, Stewed, Cocktailed & Raw Seafood is what appeals there... plus lots of fresh fruit & pina coladas. (Tequila based drinks seem out of place in the Tropics... to me)

        1. re: Eat_Nopal

          Lunch in the sub-tropics: yesterday a friend and I each ate a small bowl of consomé de mariscos (just the rich broth). We shared a huge shrimp and octopus cocktail and a big plate of pulpo al mojo de ajo. Perfect for a late lunch and neither of us wanted dinner later.

          Oye EN, in these parts (including Acapulco, Ixtapa and environs), quail is known as *codorniz*.

          1. re: cristina

            Yup... I forgot... I guess that one is like Chile Pasilla. So what do they call Cornish Game Hens... is it just Gallinita, or Gallinita de Cerro?

            BTW, in Guadalajara they call it codorniz? In Los Altos, they use the term guillota.

            1. re: Eat_Nopal

              Yes, codorniz all over the place, including huevitos de codorniz raw for your morning licuado.

              Jamás he oído decir guillota, pero voy a poner más atención a la gente y a ver.

              1. re: cristina

                In Guadalajara do you have shots of Quail Eggs with Sherry or is that just a DF thing?

                1. re: Eat_Nopal

                  EN, I've never seen it in GDL but that doesn't mean it isn't done. I've drunk it in the DF, though.

                2. re: cristina

                  Cordoniz or cordoniz are actually quail, and you can buy the eggs in most central markets of the bigger towns and citys.. cornish hen is pollo tierno or sweet chicken and also available in the main super markets like commercial mexicana

        2. the big dish in that region is pozole-- and you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't try it. The place to try pozole is in Zihua at a resturaunt called Tamales y Atoles Any.


          Here's my photo set:

          i have pics of Z, the pozole & the resturaunt.

          Have fun! and eat well