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Nov 29, 2006 12:26 AM

Birmingham, AL.............

I have been wanting to go to Highland's Bar and Grill for a long time. Is it still tops in BHam. What about Ross Bridges Resort. Is it the top place to stay and dine now days.............

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  1. Highland's is still a wonderful dining distination here in Bham. Frank Stitt is an amazing chef. His french bistro Chez Fon Fon is authentic and also delicious. A couple of other "tops" is Cafe Dupont downtown and Hot and Hot Fish Club. Outstanding! I've not heard any buzz about Ross Bridge. They had a write up in Birmingham magazine and it sounded really good. But I haven't run across anyone who's dined there yet. I'd love to hear your critique if you go.

    1. Without debate, Highland's should be at the top of your list.

      I agree with sheilal's recs, except Hot & Hot (but I am in a small minority on that). Ross Bridge is definitely the best place to stay, although the food is not remarkable. There are too many excellent places in Bham to burn a meal there.

      In addition to sheilal's recs, I add George Reis' Ocean and 26 (side by side restaurants; Ocean requires reservations; 26 is walk in). Also, a personal favorite that will definitely require reservartions is Gianmarco - fantastic inventive Italian. There are many standards on the menu that I'm dying to try, but never do because the specials always grab me.

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        Where in town is Gianmarco? Is it formal? Reservations required? Recommended dishes?

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          It's in Homewood - down Broadway.

          Not formal at all, but reservations strongly recommended almost every night.

          Two brothers alternate nights cooking; brought their dad Giovani our of retirement to run the front of the house (he had a place in NY).

          I'm not exaggerating when I say everything is excellent. The Snapper in a caper sauce is a signature dish. I can never pass up the specials. The scallops are perfectly done when on the menu; presentation varies.

          Also fun, there is a three seat (actually 3 stool) chef's counter; watch all the dishes go by and pick. We've also let the chef pick for us and share several dishes.