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Nov 29, 2006 12:19 AM

how to properly clean Silpat

How does one properly clean Silpat? No matter how much I soak it, it still does not feel right.

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  1. Zengarden, according to the box that my silpat came in, it recommends wiping with a damp cloth. That doesnt seem like it cleans to me so I use a lightly soaped dish sponge and rinse, dry it completely and store. The feeling that you are describing is the way the silicone impregnated in the silpat is supposed to feel.

    1. I just put mine in the dishwasher.

      1. My silpats always feel a little tacky to me, but that's the way silicon is. I wash with soap and water, and hang to dry.

        1. They always feel a little slippery, but it's also hard to get all the grease off them. I use very hot water with a cookie sheet as a dishpan and rinse with scalding water.

          1. If it is grease, a detergent like Dawn or d/w detergent will strip pretty much everything off. But silicon does seems to generate a light surface film or haze. On general esthetic grounds I usually wipe if off before I use it, but not always.