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how to properly clean Silpat

How does one properly clean Silpat? No matter how much I soak it, it still does not feel right.

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  1. Zengarden, according to the box that my silpat came in, it recommends wiping with a damp cloth. That doesnt seem like it cleans to me so I use a lightly soaped dish sponge and rinse, dry it completely and store. The feeling that you are describing is the way the silicone impregnated in the silpat is supposed to feel.

    1. I just put mine in the dishwasher.

      1. My silpats always feel a little tacky to me, but that's the way silicon is. I wash with soap and water, and hang to dry.

        1. They always feel a little slippery, but it's also hard to get all the grease off them. I use very hot water with a cookie sheet as a dishpan and rinse with scalding water.

          1. If it is grease, a detergent like Dawn or d/w detergent will strip pretty much everything off. But silicon does seems to generate a light surface film or haze. On general esthetic grounds I usually wipe if off before I use it, but not always.

            1. I just wipe with a paper towel for a quick clean up and when I think they need it I lie them flat on the top rack of my dishwasher. They can take the heat of the bottom rack but it's not as well suited to letting the mats lie flat.

              1. We havee the same problem. It always feels greasy. It doesn't matter how hot the water and how much soap is used. I am sure the original papers said NOT to put into the dishwasher since it may take the finish off and not work correctly after. So we just put up with the feeling and try wipping off additionally with a towel and/or paper towels. (Both sides feel the same--not clean, greasy) Even made my counter greasy looking when I turned it over to try to wipe more of the feel away. Made the counter shine up!

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                  ""It always feels greasy""

                  That's the nature of silicone.

                2. I throw mine in the dishwasher but, yep, it still always feels a bit tacky.


                  1. Think about it for one minute. If it did not "feel" that way (ie slippery, greasy and the like) to you (ie your hands, your touch) then it wouldn't feel that way to your food. If it didn't feel that way to your food then best guess is that your food would stick. So if you ever did get the water hit enough or scrubbed hard enought so it didn't feel slick then it would not work anymore and it would be ruined and you would never have to worry about washing it again! Wait that's not what we wanted. Let it feel the way it feels. That's how it works. Speaking of working... Have y'all seem that tea light candle oven. I think it's called the HERC and WOW! I can't believe how well it works and you use it inside your home, not outside like a Sun oven and it even cost less than a Sun oven!