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Nov 29, 2006 12:15 AM

PostSecret (True Confessions) of the chowish kind

As long as we're having so much fun with Most Controversial, Never a Good Meal, and Never a Bad Meal threads, perhaps it's time for another round of Boston Confessions.

My Post Secret: I live just near the Belgian Truffle House (a few doors down from Sound Bites). I find their product kind of corporate and meh. But since I love Belgian chocolate, and because it's so hidden (they don't open the storefront anymore), I pass it off to non-chowish friends as a "secret treat."

Bonus Post Secret: I trust the fish counter at Whole Foods Alewife almost as much as I trust Savenor's and Super 88. (What am I thinking?!)

ETA: kudos to "oystershucker" for the idea.

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  1. Not sure what you mean by this one; things we present as "chowish" to non-chowish friends?

    I think the fish at WF is far better than most of what's in other chain markets, and their meat too. But you pay for that. The cheese dept's in most WF's are great, just get them to talk and you will have a nice tasting and something informative.

    In Brookline, most anything I show to my out of town friends (except NY's) seems Chowish; the Russian markets, the great Thai places, nearby Sichuan and Shanghainese resto's, Kupels, Anna's.....

    To locals, Busy Bee, which I should probably post on the "Controversial" thread, but it is a good place like many more that once existed but are replaced by chains and the like, I love it. And there are the Taverns and Audubon and Taberna de Haro, and even Chef Chang's, which I hate except for what has usually (I haven't been in about a year) by far the best Peking Duck in town (IMO).

    Oh, and the tuna/ham/egg salad sandwiches from Japonaise, one of my secret pleasures. Not to mention their ham and cheese croissants, the best around.

    Sorry, taking artistic license with this one, just got back from dinner at Washington Sq. Tavern, having enjoyed some of their yummy fries, and the "Milanese" sole on risotto, really good. And of course some wine.....

    1. Trust Super 88? Why? At least in Allston, their fish counter routinely sells old fish. I've given up buying dead seafood there. On the other hand, the live fish is good and they give you good options about how you'd like it prepared. Also, the meat has been fresher and less detergenty as of late.

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        I have similar issues with the meats and seafoods at Super 88 in the South End; the South Bay market seems a little better. I mainly rely on both for produce, frozen foods, and shelf-stable items.