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Nov 29, 2006 12:10 AM

tetsuya's reservations?

I'm going to be in Sydney from 12/27 to 1/9 and just tried making a reservation, but was told the restaurant is completely booked until the beginning of February. I ended up on the waiting list for a few days. Does this restaurant have a walk-up bar? What would be the best method to getting a table? I would be so disappointed if I flew all the way to Australia and didn't get to enjoy a meal there. Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Can't help with reservation - but if you search this board you'll find that most reviews have been disappointing. Even if you can get in you may not enjoy your meal there!

    1. They don't have a walk-in bar at Tetsuya, and I'm not even sure they'll take anyone without a reservation - since the whole thing is planned around degustacion menus for the number of people reserved.

      I'd definitely not fall on the side of "disappointing" - it's easily the best meal I've ever had.

      1. Just returned from a visit to Sydney and environs, and did have the pleasure of dining at Tetsuya's. It was wonderful, I'm with Casa SaltShaker on that score.

        An idea: are you staying at a well known hotel? if yes, ask the concierge to see if s/he can get you a rezzie. I've no idea if any have special relationships with Tetsuya's or others.......but you never know!

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          I'll be staying with family. I'm just going to try calling every day and see if there's any movement on the waiting list.