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Nov 28, 2006 11:54 PM

Ford Theatre

My mother, three sisters and I are going to see Wicked next Friday at the Ford Theatre. Can you recommend any good restaurants around the area where we could quickly eat before our 8:00 PM show?

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  1. Catch 35 at 35 W. Wakcer Dr. (seafood)
    Atwoon Cafe at 1 W. Washington (American/comfort)

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    1. re: lina14

      I'll second/third Atwood. I think they still have their theatre pre-fixe where you can go back after the show to have your dessert.. a nice touch..

    2. Catch 35 and Atwood are good. My preferred destination before a show is Bin 36, which is just across the river. Nothing like a flight of wine and a plate of cheese (they have around 50) to set the tone. They also have a full menu.

      If you want real casual, Pisano's for deap dish. It's on Madison, also very close to the theater.

      1. Also consider Trattoria No. 10, on Dearborn, about 3 blocks from the theater. They have good food and are very efficient at serving customers pre-theater.