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Nov 28, 2006 11:49 PM

Looking for MILROYS style Fish and Chips in Detroit Area.


I am going back aways Milroys probably closed twenty years ago. Does anybody remember this place it was on Gratiot at 8 1/2 mile in East Detroit.

They served the best fish and chips I have ever had the owners I believe were Scottish and they double fried Haddock with an awsome batter.

The original owner retired and the new owners ran it down they started using cheaper fish and serving Gyro's and Greek Salads.

Anyway if you do remember this place have you found another restaurant that has the same style fish and chips.

The best I have found is Dublin on Hayes in Clinton Twp.
And Whities {sp} in Davidson up by Flint. Both are good but not even close to Milroys.


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  1. As a kid in Detroit in the mid 50's, Milroy's was my favorite place to eat. The fish and chips were wonderful, and I'd always finish with the strawberry chiffon pie. Of all the places I ate back then, there is no place I'd rather be able to revisit than Milroy's. I remember it as not fancy, but clean with friendly staff.

    1. Firenzy on 10 mile rd between van dyke and Hoover, but the fries are the worst in the world!

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        Firenzys has OK fish, but not like English fish and chips. Better than many places though.

      2. Do not know the place but Scotty Simpson's on Fenkell east of Telegraph is still serving great fish and chips, was there last night and completely satisfied. Really enjoyed the cheesecake as well.

        Best regards, Tony

        1. Here's another recommendation for Scotty Simpson's, which in addition to the 5 Mile & Telegraph location, have a unique arrangement with Lynn's Cafe in Brighton.

          Lynn's Cafe featuring Scotty Simpson's Fish and Chips
          180 North 1st St
          Brighton, MI 48116

          Both are great and are the best fish & chips I've ever had. Get them with the ginger beer.

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          1. re: Ken H

            Just so folks know: by almost unanimous accounts, Lynn's Cafe in Brighton does a very poor version of Scotty Simpsons F&C. They often try stupid things like subbing out their own coleslaw for Scotty's, or they don't cook things right, or what-have-you. I've not heard one person who's said, "It's just as good as the Brightmoor location!"...*ever*, and I've never heard anyone say anything close to that. It sounds like it should be avoided.

            Too, it sounds like Harry at Scotty Simpsons now kind of regrets allowing the whole deal to happen, for just these reasons. When I spoke to him about it, you could tell that it was a source of irritation for him.

            Don't have any fear about the original location, though: it's still just as good as ever. "Do one thing, and do it well." defines it to a "T". Plus, their onion rings are so fantastic.

          2. The VFW in Eastpointe (East Detroit) actually serves fish and chips once a month that I consider the best in town nowadays.