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Nov 28, 2006 11:36 PM

What to do with huge authentic mexican gorditas?

i inherited a tray of these large gorditas from an office potluck, and i want to remake it into a breakfast dish.

any suggestions?

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  1. Reheat and eat. A little salsa fresca on the side would be good. Here in Pátzcuaro,Michoacán, México, they are sold by two or three señoras, under the portal of the Plaza Grande. A number of different fillings are available. I should do a photo essay.
    (But that's for the Mexican board)

    1. Try some fusion cooking! Use the gorditas instead of bread in an Italian strata. There are loads of strata recipes on the 'net. A strata is nice for breakfast on a weekend if you work outside the home during the week.

      1. Fry them up like sopapillas. My mom would do these when she made tortillas, and her tortillas were always very thick and it still worked. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and/or drizzle with honey.

        1. There seem to be at least two basic types of gorditas, and undoubtedly some sub-categories within each type.
          The first type wiith which I am familar is a rather thick round cake of masa cooked on a comal, then split open partway to make a small cavity. Usually shreds of chicken and pork are placed inside.
          The definitive idealized version of these are those sold at the Estacíon Divisadero stop of the ChePe ferrocarriles, the famed Copper Canyon Train Line. Others that we have had, for example, in Querétaro, are ok but less thrilling. A few that we tried, in our formerly favorite Mexican restaurant in Little Rock, AR, the Taquería Karina, had sadly declined as the harried cooks had taken to deep frying the masa cake instead of cooking it on a comal.

          The other type of gorditas that I am aware of are the "gorditas de natas", a small, sweet disk, eaten either warm or at ambient temperature. These are often sold at ferias or carnivals. See this photo for some examples in the Pátzcuaro mercado. and another view,
          While these are pleasant enough, they don't pack the satisfying, mouth filling wallop of the Divisadero type gorditas.

          The aforementioned gorditas sold under the Portal Hidalgo, on La Plaza Grande in Pátzcuaro, bear a superficial resemblance to the leaden, but delicious deli potato knishes of my Brooklyn childhood. The Portal Hidalgo gorditas vary in size from chica to grandota, and carry a considerable variet of fillings. Mole de pollo is especially good. Rajas con queso is a safe bet.
          It should be noted that those gorditas are not prepared on premise, in front of you, but "elsewhere". Sometimes that is a red flag for the hygiene conscious, but I haven't suffered any dire illnesses from the several times I've enjoyed them. (Well, maybe slight indigestion; ok. Vale la pena.)

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            Hello, My names is Lou (Luis) Gonzales and I came across this site searching for info on making Gorditas. The photos of the masa is as close to the masa that my Mother and Grandmother and Aunts made. They have since passed on no one seems to remember the procedure of making the masa. My family also cooked them on a comal and made with corn masa also. Those I think they put in oven. My Family came to U.S in 1907 and were from a Guanajuato (Maritas & Abasolo,Pastor Ortiz) They would make every thing from scratch. We planted our own corn and made it into corn meal. They brought with them a recipe for a Turkey mole and use certain spices that they would not use in thier chicken mole. Any info would be most appreciated. I am a 59 year old male and decided to try to pass on the recipes as close as I can remember them when we still had our elders here with us. Hope to hear from .Vaya con Dios, Lou

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              Lou, I would suggest that you post your request as a new topic... you might get a better response. Good luck!

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                Thanks I'll do that. New to this. Thanks again, Lou