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Nov 28, 2006 11:16 PM

Best restaurant crab preparations in East Bay & SF

Haven't seen this discussed yet -- which restaurants have the best dungeness crab preparations on the menu right now? Both East Bay and SF suggestions would be great!

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  1. I like the R&G Lounge version.

    1. Hello, if a chili-saturated sauce bean, mellowed by soft silky doufu smothering the fresh crab appeals to you, that's a 'chef's special' at China Village in Albany we enjoyed last week. Somewhat expensive at 24.95 but plenty of food with a large crab and an entree's worth of doufu. have fun

      1. Le Cheval's crab is very good.

        1. Live crab at La Vie (across from Ton Kiang) on Geary St, SF. It's called "La Vie-Style Crab" and it's the best. My husband and I had our rehearsal dinner there before our wedding night and our guests still talk about that dinner (more than our dinner reception!)

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            hello, I had that dish some years ago and it was excellent. Is your experience more recent (congratulations if that means you are newly wed)? I considered going there this crab season but wondered if my expectations from the past would be gratified. thank you

            1. re: moto

              Thanks--we got married 9/04, but recently went back to have our usual dinner with friends and it was as good as before. (We also love their flaming beef & prawn appetizer, Chilean seabass, and pork chops--part the menu when we reserved La Vie for our dinenr.) With the crab, make sure to always ask for the biggest crab they have. In the past, my husband (who grew up in Alaska) would be very particular and they learned to made sure it was good-sized and very fresh (i.e. live). Enjoy!

          2. You can never go wrong with crab at Daimo's on Pierce St. in Richmond just east of I-80 at the Central Ave exit.