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Nov 28, 2006 11:16 PM

Staten Island--is there hope???

I have to go out to the College of Staten Island and I'm using mass transit. I know there is a so-so diner, Joe and Pat's. Is there anything new or good in that area, near the Mall, Clove Lake (other than the Road House), or the Ferry?

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  1. I have had some good meals at the Cargo Cafe on Bay Street near the Ferry.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken the College of Staten Island is located on Victory Boulevard - aren't Staten Island's Sri Lankan restaurants on Victory as well?

    1. Yes, CSI is on Victory, but a ways out. Assuming you're coming from Manhattan, the bus from the ferry will go all the way down Victory.

      Joe and Pat's is by no means either so-so, or a diner. Joe and Pat's has some amazing thin-crust pizza. It has been faulted for the suburban decor (which is true), but the pizza is outstanding.

      Some of the Sri Lankan places are indeed on Victory Blvd. The one that's gotten a lot (relative to S.I.) of board talk is New Asha, which is on the left side of Victory, right before the intersection at Cebra Avenue. Visually, this is a hole-in-the-wall, but again, the food is quite excellent. Another Sri Lankan place that I've been to several times that is also very tasty is Lakruwana. It is 1 block out of the way, on Bay Street, past Victory. Lakruwana is definitely more "upscale," although not ridiculously so.

      A higher-end place on Victory Blvd. is American Grill. I haven't been since they moved there from Forest Ave., though. It is on the left right before the intersection of Slosson.

      There was a recent post about this new Vietnamese place on Richmond Ave. right by the highway. It's called Pho Mac; I'm looking forward to trying it. You can search for her post on it.

      Finally, for cheap, excellent tacos, try El Gallo Azteca ($2 for the regular, $3 for the especialidad de la casa). This is at about the second bus stop on Victory Blvd, corner of Monroe St. I think they also have some kind of Cubanos too, but I can't vouch for that.

      I think there's (at least a bit of) hope.

      1. I used to live near Clove Lake and go to CSI, so I sort of know the "old places". My mother used to take me to Joe & Pat's after girl scouts. I want something other than a place I already know about. There is a diner on Victory about two blocks away from Richmond. That is the so-so diner I was talking about. Not Joe & Pat's.

        I may come from Manhattan via the Ferry/bus or I might go through Bay Ridge. I may go to the mall afterwards. It doesn't really matter.

        1. There's also the Unicorn Diner on Victory near Richmond, fairly close to the college. There are a lot of good restaurants out here, speaking from almost 2 years out here after about 20 years in Brooklyn. But you need a car, and you have to search. The Vietnamese place is top notch--fortunately there does not appear (yet) to be an Americanized Vietnamese cooking, as there is Thai, Japanese, and Chinese. The American Grill is on Clove and Victory. Expensive, and a simple menu, but the food is very carefully cooked--like Queen in downtown Brooklyn. There is a smattering of Polish, Russian, and Albanian restaurants. Definitely chowhound territory out here, but you need to be resourceful.

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            Unicorn--that's the diner I was talking about. I had a few bad experiences there when I was in school. I tend to avoid that place. I also lived out on Staten Island for several years (without a car), so I know how to get around the island by mass transit. A nice Polish or Albanian resturant would be nice on a chilly day.

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              For authentic and really good Polish try The Polish Place (19 Corson Avenue at Victory Blvd, (718) 442-8909), a 5-10 minute walk from the ferry.

              Eat-in lunch served (I believe) 11-3, I'd call before you go to check on the hours (they have dinner hours also).

          2. Has anyone been to a restaurant on Staten Island called the West Shore Inn? A friend who lives on the Island has raved about their steaks.

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              Great place to eat. Call for hours.

              Take the Travis bound s62 bus right to the door. You can get it across the street from the college entrance on Victory.