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Nov 28, 2006 10:22 PM

Anyone Tried Nuevo Leon (Austin)?

We had lunch at a new Nuevo Leon on the corner of Escarpment & Slaughter Lane (Escarpment Village Shopping Center). We had chicken quesadillas and chicken fajitas and, to tell the truth, they have a bit of a way to go before these two dishes are as good as we get at Las Flores (290 & Wm Cannon) or any Taco Cabana.

Restaurant decor is promising and the outdoor dining area in nice enough but needs some serious planting action. Place has been open for about two weeks - maybe it needs some 'seasoning'.

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  1. Is it related to the Nuevo Leon restaurant that is in East Austin? If so, my opinion is that there is no reason to go out of your way to eat there. No better than many mexican food places, and certainly not one of the best.

    1. Typical white-bread Tex-Mex. We went with 5 other people, so there was a diverse selection from the menu at our table. I mean, you know its not real mexican when French Fries come with all the Seafood dhishes. Nuevo Leon has an OK atmosphere- if you like those developer style restaraunts. It's a typical chain restaraunt. I have had MUCH better food at Taco Cabana or the Taco Shack- which is SAD. The meat was tough, the salsa was like spicy ketchup, the margaritas were from a mix, and the "lightly breaded" Tilapia was a snapshot from Long John Silvers. Terrible food. But i guess if you are a Circle C type, you really dont go there for Authentic Mexican food.

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        French fries - or papas fritos - are very common, in various forms, in Mexican restaurants in Texas as well as all over northern and central Mexico in my experience.

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          I lived in Mexico for 7 years. These are not Papas Fritas. These are big 'ole Ore-Ida Style American French Fries- al-a-Long John Silvers.
          Go see for yourself Avi!

      2. It is the same as the one on East Austin. I've never ever understood the popularity of this restaurant. It's mediocre on the good days. Maybe they have good drink specials or something.

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          I ate at the one in Circle C about a month ago. Last time I go there. For starters, it was loud. Not just restaurant loud, but no sound absorption at all. Add in a band that was playing and it was impossible to carry on a conversation.
          The food was mediocre at best. I am a sucker for a good fish sandwich and they had one on the specials menu that night. They also have a fish platter. I ordered a fish sandwich, my husband ordered enchiladas, and we ordered queso for the table.

          Queso never showed up. We asked her to take it off when the food arrived. My husband said the enchiladas were okay, but not great. I was frustrated by the fish sandwich. When I ordered it, I pointed at it on the specials menu we received and clearly said I wanted the fish sandwich. What arrived at the table was the fish platter. When the waitress came over to the table to check (I hadn't started eating), I asked if this was the fish sandwich, she said "yes." I said, this isn't a sandwich... this is 2 pieces of fish with a slice of bread on the side. She promised it was the fish sandwich and looked at me like I was an idiot. The fish was okay, but extremely bland. The fries were just okay, and a bit limp.
          When the check arrived, she charged us for the fish platter. I went to the front and got a menu. When she came to collect the check, I pointed out I had ordered the fish sandwich and this was the price of the sandwich (a bit lower than the platter).
          She disappeared and about 15 minutes later (seriously) came back and made a big deal about getting her manager to just charge me the price of the sandwich but it wasn't her fault because "everyone orders the platter but calls it a sandwich" (huh?).

          Needless to say, I felt it the food was mediocre and the service was incompetent. I can understand not being familiar with the specials menu, but when I pointed to it twice, and specifically asked for an item, I expect to be served it. When I'm not served it, I don't like to be treated like a moron because she decided should I order something else. So, they're not getting any more of my money.

        2. my family has been dining at Nuevo East for so long we'd beg to go anywhere but Nuevo...I live sw so we tried nuevo circle c last week...service was Not Good, portions were smaller than eastside and higher priced,and the margaritas do not come in 3 sizes like east...but only in one big stupid looking I'm at El Chico's,back in Wichita Falls again. tooooo bad.

          1. These are the same folks from E 7th Street. I have not been to the new location only to the one on the East side. But I never really found anything on the menu that was REALLY great. The margaritas are pretty good, but that is about it. A friend did tell me that the new location was very loud.