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Nov 28, 2006 10:22 PM

Mexican Caterer for Wedding- Tortilla Lady

Hi all-
I'm getting married on Cinquo de Mayo 2007 and I'd love to have good, fresh, down to earth, delicious Mexican food at my wedding. I'd love to have a Tortilla Lady or Gentleman prepare fresh tortillas at the wedding. Does anybody have any good recommendations on restaurants or caterers that might do this? We'll be having the wedding in Mt. Washington/ east side of LA.
Thanks for your help in advance-
The Hungry Bride

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  1. One of the best parties foodwise that I ever went to was my friend's 40th birthday. She had it catered by La Cabanita, in Glendale, and the food was fantastic. I'm sure they could do fresh tortillas for your if you asked, in addition to other tasty food.

    LA Cabanita
    (818) 957-2711
    3447 N Verdugo Rd
    Glendale, CA 91208

    1. Their is a little humble restaurant with exceptional flavoring at the corner of Figueroa & Avenue 50 (Its yellow with a big red chile pepper).... they will make you happy.

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      1. I am having a party and looking for the same thing. Did you ever find a good one???

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          I'm not sure what your definition of good Mexican food is, as everyone, especially Chowhounders, have their strong opinions. I know Tacomiendo does catering for very reasonable prices, and they do have a lady everpresent pressing fresh tortillas for their tacos - they're corn tortillas, though. However, given the location of your wedding, there must be at least a gazillion other places/trucks that would fit the same bill...

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            do you have a #, what city are they in??

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              I know of two locations: West LA on Gateway, and Culver City on Inglewood. Just looked up their number and it's 310-481-0804...hey - they even have a website... www.ta-comiendo.com. They are one of my go-to places in the neighborhood for consistantly good Mexican food.

        2. have you tried their catering??

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            If you're asking about Tacomiendo, I personally haven't, but my wife did regularly at her previous employer. They would regularly cater for about 25-30 people, and the bill would be around $200... the items offered were carne asada, pollo, pescado, frijoles, aros, ensalada, guacamole, salsas, and sour cream. She says Tacomiendo always was very generous on their portions and were always on time... as for the fresh tortillas, it never came to her to ask... sorry

          2. You might want to try La Parilla. I attended a catered event where they had an assortment of appetizers including melted cheese with chorizo, a selection of salsas, a couple of main dishes carne asada, grilled chicken and vegeterian options (including crispy potato tacos and flautas with cheese and spinach). They also brought fresh mexican style drinks--jamaica and tamarindo. And yes, the corn tortillas were made on-site.