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Nov 28, 2006 10:01 PM

Two WeHo restaurants to avoid!

Being as I did a dinner party for 30 the weekend before Thanksgiving and then dinner for 8 ON Thanksgiving, dining out was big on my agenda last week. "Something old, something new," was the thought that came to me.

So my husband and I first ventured to an old haunt: The Courtyard on Santa Monica, just west of La Cienega. They USED to have a really nice a weekend la carte brunch. And when the waiter, upon our arrival, mentioned a buffet featuring paella, we couldn't resist... though we should have! The star paella was made with chicken breast that had been cooked to the consistency of shoe leather, and the bacon came up in a clump of about 10 greasy strips. I'll spare you details of the French Toast. Suffice it to say, the 40 minute wait for the buffet to actually be ready and the $15/person charge was enough to drive me from that establishment forever. And I want to hear nothing in defense of their overpriced tapas as a reason to still eat there. I don't care how delicious the chocolate empanada is, it's not worth $10 and never was!

Undaunted by The Courtyard, I later in the week found myself with a hankerin' for pizza. This time, I thought, let's try something new, and we ordered from Johnnie's New York pizza on the Sunset Strip. All I can say is that until I got to the crust edge, I thought that the crust was too salty. Sadly, I discovered that the chef had decided to balance a crust utterly devoid of any flavor with sauce so salty it could've been used as a brine. The dog, however, thought it was lovely.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up (or -down) about Courtyard, I was looking for grubs in that area and was intrigued by the place - but eventually decided to walk my way to the reliable O-Bar.

    I went to the Johnnie's in mid-wilshire (used to work near there)... which is decent for sustenance, but not much else. The garlic rolls there are salty though.


    1. hmm... i've been to the courtyard for dinner and had a lovely time. i also had the paella before and thoroughly enjoyed it, as well as many of the tapas dishes they offer.

      maybe they had an off day?

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        The Courtyard's environment is really the only thing going for it, and to that extent, it is pleasant.
        But if your definition of dinner is lunchmeat, cheese, and similar with bad wine all served in the name of tapas and wine bar, then go for it.
        To me, it misses it big time.

      2. Not the same Johnnie's, guy. Frankie & Johnnie's pizza at 8947 W Sunset, Blvd West Hollywood, which I assume the OP is referring to, is not part of the Johnny's New York Pizza local mini-chain. The cafe at 5757 Wilshire is, but it's different than the others; they call it an "upscale" version. I call it okay but not quite as good.