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any good restaurants within 10 miles of Oakland Airport

I am looking for a "decent" place to eat near the Oakland airport. Alameda is an option. Any ideas - sketchy is okay but bad food is not.

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  1. Did you mean ten miles, or ten minutes? If the former, all of the Oakland Chinatown restaurants or the Fruitvale Mexican choices should work; do a search on this board for some suggestions.

    If you mean within ten minutes, the only place I know of is In N Out on Hegenburger...

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      Also the whole of Alameda.

      What time of day?

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        Actually Fruitvale and Chinatown would be within 10 minutes (traffic willing). Lots of Oakland is within 10 miles of the airport. Luka's Taproom, for example, is 9.8 miles, according to Google maps.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          I don't know about that, Ruth. Count yourself lucky: the last three times I have been to Oakland airport it has taken me over 30 minutes from my office by Luka's, or to get back to the office, of which a good ten minutes is getting from the airport to the freeway (hence the In N Out suggestion).

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            Yeah, well, navigating the airport is indeed a pain. It kinda depends on the time of day, and where you start counting the ten minutes. Once you get as far as In N Out, though, depending on the time of day, the rest of the way is pretty quick.

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              When the freeway's backed up, surface streets to Alameda are often faster.

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                *To* Alameda, but not *through* Alameda -- too many controlled intersections.

                Okay, if 880 is unbearably backed up through Oakland, the best route from the airport to downtown would be: Doolittle Dr. to Alameda, Fernside Dr. through Alameda, continuing onto Blanding at Tilden, then over the Park St. bridge and along the Oakland Embarcadero to Oak St.

                However, to get back to the topic, there are indeed some good restaurants in the Park St. district of Alameda (namely C'Era Una Volta and Pappo) that can be reliably reached from the airport in about 15 minutes.

      2. If you can make it up as far as Broadway exit (off Rt 880), consider Soizic. Here is a review I wrote for another site.

        Soizic Restaurant
        300 Broadway
        Oakland, CA 94607
        (510) 251-8100

        Good atmosphere, excellent food just off the beaten path.

        This quiet, competent restaurant has been delivering a nice range of good, innovative food for at least five years. I have tasted strong entries in the lamb, fish and vegetarian categories. It is "on the way" to Jack London Sq (on Broadway - about halfway between 880 and JLSq on the south side of B'Way)

        If you do business in the area, you are probably tired of the barely adequate chain seafood (Kinkaid's etc). Soizic is a much welcomed alternative. Parking is generally easier than Jack London Sq. Plenty of street parking and at least one paid lot. Neighborhood is funky but not dangerous. This non-descript, building looks like a down-on-the-luck doctors office. The moment you walk in the door, you realize you have made the right choice

        1. My mother, who visits from NY from time to time and is a chowhound of the first magnitude, claims that there is a lobster shack just beyond the freeway when coming from the airport. I'm always in such a rush that I haven't had time to look for it. Does anyone know what she's talking about?

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            He's presumably talking about Old Port Lobster Shack, which is near the San Francisco airport.

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              Yeah, I know this is an old thread and the info is not useful to the OP, but since I found this, I thought I'd just add it for some sort of reference.

              Maybe snarkygirl's mom was talking about

              CRAB SHACK RESTAURANT 294 HEGENBERGER RD, OAKLAND, CA (510) 632-8520

              It would be in the same area as Hegen Burger. Since there are only two references to it on the web, I assume it might be closed.

          2. According to Yahoo maps, Nellie's would be 7.2 miles from the Oakland airport, but a 12 minute drive.

            Nellie's Soulfood
            1155 3rd Ave
            Oakland, CA 94606-2226

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              12 minutes with no traffic. The traffic's very backed up through there at certain times of day or whenever there's something happening at the Coliseum.

            2. Pod to Soizic. I'm trying to get my boss to take us there for our holiday lunch!

              An Alameda suggestion:
              At the airport exit, turn left onto Doolittle. The second stoplight after the car rental lots (about 2 miles) is Island Drive- the Alameda golf course is on your left. Turn left onto Island and follow it about 1 1/2 miles to the shopping center. Between Safeway and Longs, there is Angel Fish, a really good Japanese restaurant with reasonable prices.

              1. What about Francesco's? Just kidding.
                Who goes there? It has been there forever.
                I agree with Doolittle drive to Alameda

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                  I was taken to Francesco's for a business lunch two years ago. Don't rermember much about it but it looked like a "regulars" crowd, mostly local business people.

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                    Alameda was once described as "the midwest plonked down in the middle of the bay area" (I'm getting the quote wrong and it no longer applies...as much) and I think Francesco's appeals to that crowd: the old school Alamedans who don't want to venture too far from the island. My dad used to like the place when I was a kid. It's been around for a looong time because it seemed old at that time.

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                      It also gets business when the Coliseum has events, being one of the few sit-down eateries in the area.

                      I read their Tuesday Osso Bucco is good. Some real old-style dishes there ...
                      - Ceasar salad prepared table-side
                      - Ham Hocks and Lima Beans
                      - Corned Beef and Cabbage
                      - Italian Pot Roast
                      - Chicken Liver Sauté (even have a chicken liver omelet
                      )- Fresh Calf’s Liver (grilled, broiled or sauteed, with onions, mushrooms and bacon)
                      - Ground round ... like man, when was the last time you saw that on a menu. In the mid 20th century there was a restuarant chain of that name.

                      They even prepare spinach salad tableside. I'll bet no one else does that.

                      According to the site they opened in 1968 and not a thing seems to have changed on the menu from opening.

                      They even sell Chiati in straw bottles ... hint ... take it home after drinking and use as a candle holder and let various colored candles drip down the side for a groovy knick-knack. Like, far out, man.

                      It is the third generation of restaurant families that owned other Oakland restaurants: North Pole Club, Villa de la Paix, Chandelier in Jack London Square.

                      Looking around right near the airport, the Hilton has three restaurants (Sports Edition Bar & Grill, Stanley's Restaurant and Amelia's), though I can't image them being all that good, but could be wrong

                      There's a new drive-thru burger joint down that way ... Checkers. Anyone tried them? Better or worse than In-n-Out? Here's the question and link to website on the Chains board.

                  2. Ohgane on Davis St. in San Leandro is one Highway 880 exit south the 98th St. exit to/from OAK. Very authentic Korean, big portions, good prices. Beyond the requisite Korean BBQ meats (which you can cook yourself or have them cook) and bibimbap (get the dol sot version), Ohgane also has a number of dishes you rarely find elsewhere (the hae jang gook is superb).

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                    1. re: Eugene Park

                      What is hae jang gook? I eat at the Oakland Ohgane all the time, always interested in new things to try there.

                      1. re: Robert Lauriston

                        I don't see it on the scanned copy of Oakland Ohgane's menu.

                        1. re: Melanie Wong

                          HJG is mild to medium spicy beef soup. I think it's beef shank that is simmered for a long time in either a beef or veggie stock, which results in the soup becoming closer to a stew in texture as the tendon, cartilage and bone marrow release into the broth. The beef falls off the bones, and the tendon/cartilage is also quite delectable as it becomes more gelatinous. Veggies in the gook typically include bean sprouts, radish and green onions. HJG is a fave of Koreans after a night of heavy drinking/partying as either a means to stave off a hangover, or cure one the morning after.

                          Variations include subbing/adding tripe, subbing pork instead of beef and adding/subbing blood sausage. There's also a veggie version which isn't nearly as popular.

                          Phonetic pronounciation is "heh jahng gook" (extending the oo in gook, like the way you pronounce the name "Lou"). Look for it or just ask for it @ the Oakland branch; I'm wondering if this is available there also.