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Nov 28, 2006 09:12 PM

Smith and Wollensky - South Beach

How does a Top Notch Steakhouse ruin not one, but two $42 14oz filet mignons at the same table? Just ask the management at S&W, although I doubt they'll have an answer-other than duh, I dunno. We were a 4 top BTW. 50% is a bad batting average when it comes to cooking prime beef!

Two filets which were ordered medium came out brown all the way through! 5 minutes later one of the managers came to our table proclaiming they'd be out in 5 minutes or less. Ten minutes later, when we were alomost done with our $12 per side dishes, along came our steaks...really sad. Once delivered, the food was good, but we were practically full already. They then came out medium-rare. I don't get why they can't get it right after all these years and steaks just doesen't make sense to me. They specialize in steak for heaven's sake!

On a bright note the collasal lump crab app was friggin' phenomenal, and the crab cakes were good too. The side dishes were also amazing and the view can't be beat during the daylight hours. But to screw up the temps of steaks in a steakhouse institution is really unforgivable. Moral of the story, don't get steak at this steak house!

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  1. Funny, that's pretty much how it was when I was last there for dinner over 2 years ago. In that case, there were about 8 of us. Filets ordered medium-rare came out purple and cool 1/8" in. I had a more flavorful cut ordered either medium or medium-rare that came out well.

    I remember liking the creamed spinach.

    The bar sure is lovely.

    1. Hmph - I was just there recently for a big group dinner and everything came out just fine. Sounds like we got lucky. Pretty remarkable for a steakhouse to be unable to turn the steak out at the right doneness.

      Speaking of steakhouses, I was at Morton's recently for lunch and was duly impressed by the scope and appeal of their lunch menu. Maybe I was just hungry, but everything sounded really good. Aside from the usual steakhouse stuff, there were at least a dozen lunch-sized items (several smaller steaks, a few lunch salads, a salmon eggs benedict, a burger, a couple different chicken dishes, crabcakes...) that made a really nice selection. Plus daily lunch specials - I had a $15 meatloaf & mashed potatoes which was an outrageous bargain, particularly because the slab of meatloaf was about the size of a manhole cover (and delicious too).

      1. Yeah, lax and I have been saying S&W sucked for the longest time. This is nothing new, nor should it be shocking in any way. S&W is a great place to go for happy hour drinks, but I would not eat there. S&W's Miami location never was anything close to resembling a top notch steakhouse.

        1. My new thing, next time I order steak, is not to order by doneness, but by color and temperature, after the discussions on this thread:

          P.S. That's why I rave about the Lone Star Steakhouse near my home in Port Orange. I know it's a stupid chain -- but after a dozen or more meals there in the past year, every single goshdarned steak has come out exactly as ordered. I'll put up with peanuts on the floor just for that.

          1. The above reviews of $42 improperly cooked steaks reinforces my long term stance that steak is best eaten at home ! Find a good source of beef, pull the cork on a nice bottle of wine, light the coals and save yourself $100 ! Granted, I have had a few Ruth's Chris "expense account" steaks that were fantastic but then again, I wasn't paying !