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Nov 28, 2006 09:04 PM

what to do with bison stew meat

I have 1 lb. of bison stew meat.
I'm not too familiar with this type of meat and not sure what to do. Treat it like beef stew or do something else?

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  1. Exactly like beef stew. However, you may need a bit more fat as bison meat is usually much leaner than beef. But, if it's from the chuck or something along that line (normal beef stew meat) you will still need to cook it like a stew to get it tender.

    1. Yup, treat it just like beef. As mentioned by rtmonty, buffalo is usually leaner than beef, it's also more richly flavored, stronger tasting meat.

      1. If you'd like to try something other than stew, do a rough grind with some bacon and make bison burgers. Yum.

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          I've got some bison ground beef as well, so I'll try the bacon tactic.

        2. It's a no brainer...make chili, without beans, of course.

          1. Great suggestion.
            Any recipe to suggest? I don't make chili that often.