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what to do with bison stew meat

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I have 1 lb. of bison stew meat.
I'm not too familiar with this type of meat and not sure what to do. Treat it like beef stew or do something else?

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  1. Exactly like beef stew. However, you may need a bit more fat as bison meat is usually much leaner than beef. But, if it's from the chuck or something along that line (normal beef stew meat) you will still need to cook it like a stew to get it tender.

    1. Yup, treat it just like beef. As mentioned by rtmonty, buffalo is usually leaner than beef, it's also more richly flavored, stronger tasting meat.

      1. If you'd like to try something other than stew, do a rough grind with some bacon and make bison burgers. Yum.

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          I've got some bison ground beef as well, so I'll try the bacon tactic.

        2. It's a no brainer...make chili, without beans, of course.

          1. Great suggestion.
            Any recipe to suggest? I don't make chili that often.

            1. Braise as you would beef. We like the Child's carbonnade recipe with a touch of pimenton.

              1. I used ground bison to make ragu bolognaise. The slow braising worked well with this meat which can be very chewy. It has great flavor so take advantage of it. I imagine you could also use it for boeuf bourguignon.

                1. Suggested chili in previous reply to which you queried a recipe.

                  There are a myriad of chili recipes from several sources, cookbooks, the internet, magazines. Keep it simple. I suggest that you do NOT grind the meat.

                  I buy a beef roast (chuck or round) weighing around 5 pounds. The roast is diced into bite-sized pieces removing excess fat and discarding it.

                  Dice a large onion. Have some form of chiles (hot peppers) handy, pungency depends on your tolerance for capsaicin (the stuff that makes chiles hot). Chiles can be fresh or dried. Do not buy commercial chili powder from the supermarket because it is a mixture of salt, red pepper, cumin and oregano. Chile powder is a grind of a particular variety of hot pepper or a mixture of them, but has not been adulterated with other ingredients.

                  chile=the fresh or dried pod from the plant
                  chili=the cooked dish made from meat and chiles

                  Use Google to find recipes by keyboarding the keywords 'chili cookoff recipe'. Several hits are available. Look for websites that identify themselves with CASI (Chili Appreciation Society International) or ICS (International Chili Society).

                  As much as like beans, and I make soup with them, but I do not put them in chili. If you must have beans with chili, make refried beans (frijoles refritos) as a side dish.