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Nov 28, 2006 09:01 PM

Green Pastures, anyone been for dinner?

(Oops, I meant to put Austin in the title)

I've been to the brunch, which was great. Anyone been for dinner (or lunch, if there is one)?

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  1. I had dinner there on my birthday in 1972. I remember it was pretty good, but can't quite remember what I had, for some reason. If you liked the brunch, go for the dinner...old fashioned elegance...

    1. i had dinner there sometime late last year. like sambamaster stated, definitely old fashioned elegance. first was an amuse of mozzarella with a drizzle of balsamic and basil. appetizer was a mixed seafood platter (don't remember the exact name): fried softshell crab, sugarcane skewered grilled shrimp and crawfish fritters. salad of spinach/radicchio with tobacco onions, pistachios, blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. palate cleanser of lemon sorbet. main course of filet mignon with morels, onion rings and potatoes dauphinoise. service was good, unobtrusive and friendly. hope this helps some. i've been meaning to try the brunch at some point. let us know if you decide to go.

      1. Ate there for a wedding a couple months ago.
        Food was quite good (for coming out of a chafing dish).
        Cannot remember details.
        I blame whiskey.
        And the Spazmatics.

        1. Green Pastures is one of my favorite Austin retaurants. I have been going there on and off since 1964, and have had lunch, brunch, and dinner there several time this year, even though I no longer live in Austin. It is quiet, elegant, understated, reasonably priced, and in a beautiful location, surrounded by old oak trees and peacocks. For dinner, I recommend the lamb chops or the duck; for lunch, the crab cakes. The Sunday brunches are sumptious but beware the milk punch.

          Lonn Taylor
          Fort Davis, Texas

          1. I've only been once, so take this report with a massive grain of salt. Also went under strange conditions: I went for NYE last year. They had a big thing, but it was underpopulated and our large party was able to get in at the last minute.

            I ordered steak: it was a mediocre cut and seriously overcooked (ordered it medium rare).

            If you go and dig it, let me know what to try. I'd like to give it another shot.