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Nov 28, 2006 08:39 PM

Oahu Trip-Its all about the food

Ate at a whole bunch of places on Oahu. I will give you highlights and a little detail.

Kaka'ako Kitchen in Ward Center- Furikake Tempura Catfish w/ ponzu sauce- Very nice food in a take out tray. Would revisit.

Kuni Restaurant in Waipahu- Misoyaki butterfish and tempura- standard fare, nothing too special to mention.

Boots and Kimo in Kailua-Corned beef, tomato, cheese omelet and banana pancakes with mac nut sauce. Both were very good. Somehow, the corned beef and tomato made a very good combination of flavors resulting in a very tasty omelet.

Side Street Inn- Fried Pork Chop(wow, this is killer),fried rice, lillikoi spare ribs, fried tofu poke, portuguese clams, misoyaki chicken, fried butter pound cake w/vanilla ice cream. Very casual and the food is all great. Huge portions, come hungry.

Shiro Saimen Haven- saimen of course.

Giovanni Shrimp Truck- 12 garlic shrimp and rice for 12 bucks.

Alan Wong's- Chef's Tasting Menu- enough said- always good.

Pineapple Room at Ala Moana Mall-seared ahi tuna w/ salad, loco moco, kona coffee panna cotta, plantation ice tea. Loco moco is the best I've had. The plantation ice tea is addicting.

Gina's BBQ-honolulu korean plate lunch-kalbi, spicy chicken, bulgogi- korean side dishes.

Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lunch and Crab- Honolulu- crab cake sandwich and tator tots-tots are garlic and spicy. Would prefer to go for breakfast.

Like Like Drive Inn- Fried rice and eggs, french pancakes w/ guava

Kua Aina Burger-Ward Center- Bacon Cheddar Cheese burger and fries. I had a taste of the burger at Pineapple Room and it was a little better than Kua Aina. Still Kua Aina is a quality burger. Fries were limp.

3660 on the Rise- honolulu- Five spice crispy quail with mushroom scallion fried rice, 3660 sampler plate. A bit more casual and local than AW's but food quality and quantity was very good.

Taishoken Ramen- Honolulu- Spicy tsukemen ramen and chashu rice. Hawaii outlet of famous ramen place in Tokyo.

Chef Mavro- 4 course meal- menu is online. The food and service here are on par with AW's. Would have a hard time choosing if I had to only pick one.

Boulevard Saimen- Won Ton Saimen- The wontons were really fat and tasty, but still prefer the noodles and broth at Shiro's.

Oahu Snacking-
Malasada truck at the Aloha Swap meet- cinnamon and sugar
Agnes Port. Bake Shop- Coconut bun-go early or there is nothing left
Island Snow- shaved ice
Matsumoto Shaved Ice-
Liliha Bakery- Coco puff and lilikoi malasada
Nisshoda Candy Shop- chichi dango, peanut butter mochi
Samurai Goody Goody- haupia chocolate frozen dessert
Wailoa Shaved Ice-
Leonard Jr Bakery- Haupia and chocolate malasada
KC Original Waffle Dog-

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  1. I noticed KC waffle dogs on your list. I don't live in Hawaii anymore, but thought that KC Drive Inn closed. Can you still get the waffle dogs somewhere? Did they re-open?

    You have a great list there. I have to say that I've been to Alan Wong's three times in the last 5 months (one chef's tasing, others off the menu), and have been disappointed. It used to be my absolute favorite, but lately I'm not so sure.

    A couple of places you didn't mention that are consistently good:

    Ninnikuya - Honolulu - the "garlic restaurant". Excellent steaks, seafood - they are always good and always consistent.

    Phuket Thai Restaurant - Honolulu - The best thai food on the island!

    Rocky's Coffee Shop - Waipahu - Fried rice omlette - fabulous! Excellent banana pancakes as well.

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    1. re: kkimiyek

      Sorry about the mixed experiences with AW. They have been a staple, since they opened King St. I have had nothing but excellent meals and service, almost every year, since their opening.

      Thanks for Phuket Thai Restaurant rec. In years back, the old Keo's location was good, but they have expanded, closed, re-opened, moved, and such, and the recs. are not coming, anymore. I do not even know where their location(s) is, any more, but with the bad reviews, doubt that I'd go searching. Ah, the good-old-days!


    2. KC Drive Inn is still closed but you can go to Waimulu shopping center near Shiro's and get an original KC Waffle dog.

      1. good to know - thanks!

        1. Oh man that looks good! ;-) Love those tator-tots at Sam Choy's

          1. Yumm - I'd weigh 100 lbs more if I did all that on one trip, but would sure enjoy every moment! Mahalo!