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Nov 28, 2006 08:35 PM

Five Wonderful Days

A foodie couple living in Seattle (born and raised in MD) and having been to New York several times wants to thank New York Chowhounds for all of the fantastic data...I now will begin adding to the Pacific Northwest board which will take quite a while...but I owe it to you all.

We always rent a 1BR apartment in Little Italy on Mulberry St and while, yes, it is extremely touristy, it provides a fantastic jump off to NOLITA, East and West Village, SOHO, Chinatown, Eastside, Gramercy Park, etc...

Long and short of it is that we visited over 30 bars/restaurants and were once again wishing we could have more time. Here is a brief synopsis of the highlights (in no order) but I have already forgotten more than I time I will poast as I go:

Florent: Not as good as 7 years ago, but still rocks.

Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station: stew/panroast and raw oysters/clams absolutely amazing. Make sure you sit at the counter where they prepare the stews/panroasts to order

Katz Deli in East Village: gi-normous pastrami sandwich

Molly's: burgers and onion rings and great service.

McSorley's for their ale and history

Bianca: Fried artichokes but extremely tight seating...DO NOT order a bottle of wine as they are way too expensive and they are out of most. Bar's on each side of the restaurant are very cool.

Joe's Pizza for a slice

Gray's Papaya for the hot dog's

H&H for the bagel

DiPalo for the cheese, prociutto/salami and antipasti selections

Lupa for Mario Batali experience

Florio for their cigars, calzone, and great conversation.

Keen's Steakhouse for their porterhouse (by the fire in the room next to the bar) and history.

Bread: Great salads and ambience.

German place next to Molly's: 70,000 christmas lights

Home Sweet Home in East Village: something completely wierd with stuffed animals and a great happy hour of a beer and a shot for $5.

Club 205 for the huka

Sammy's Roumania: Incredible experience...we felt like we were at a bad wedding with flourescent lighting..beautiful. The sweetbreads were really excellent.

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  1. German place next to Mollys is Rolfs--curious about your food critique there--plenty of negatives seen here. Thanks for the reviews.

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    1. re: eve

      We didn't eat there as we'd just finished the 10 oz burger, onion rings, homemade bluecheese dressing at Molly's. However, we heard from the waitress at Molly's that the food has a lot to be desired and frankly should be avoided. As usual, curiosity got the better of us and we enjoyed an after lunch cocktail under the 70,000 xmas lights.

    2. You covered some great spots! Thanks for the report. Next time try Ess-A-Bagels instead of H&H, and Russ & Daughters for smoked fish...

      1. Where is Home Sweet Home? It's strictly a bar, I take it?

        1. Yes it is. We only noticed it due to a couple emerging out of candlelit depths (its a basement bar). All young owners that are full of energy and extremely welcoming.

          Here is the info:

          Home Sweet Home
          131 Chrystie St (Cross Street: Between Delancey Street and Broome Street)
          (212) 226-5708

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          1. re: TacoBusHound

            Thanks. It sounds cheap and fun.

          2. What a wonderful mix of places. Thanks for the rundown.